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Pen Your Pride

Chapter Twenty One: The Lost Duo

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Authors Note: 

                          Hey guys! I know you have been waiting a while, but here it is! A new chapter! This is mainly dedicated for Katniss' birthday which was yesterday, May 8th. She is our hero, our idol, our girl on fire and our Mockinjay. Even if her story is over, her legend will live on. Thank you Suzanne Collins for creating such an amazing character who we all look up too. Katniss shows us to be brave, stick up for what we believe in, and to rebel against the rebellion! Vote if you agree! We love you Katniss. Forever, your story will lie in our hearts. <3 


Blood seeps through Johanna's leg, punctured by a newly sharpened knife through her upper thigh. Her flesh is brutally cut open from the knee to the thigh, drowning out the wound in crimson liquid. Grayson has Peeta against a tree, gripping onto his shoulders for support. Peeta struggles madly, screaming and fighting, his azure eyes glowing with a demonic glint. Johanna sits upright, holding onto her leg with a painful mien, her eyes watering with tears of suffer. It takes a lot to make Johanna cry. After all, she is Johanna.  A sly sarcastic woman who had been through so much over the past years. You would think after everything that had happened, there wouldn't be a need to shed any more tears. She was stronger... But right now, at this very moment she looked like a helpless young girl, crying out for someone to help. Almost instantaneously, I launch myself forward, kneeling down beside her with my bow and arrow still tightly around my back. Gale pounces over to Peeta, coming face to face with him. 

"GET OFF OF ME!" Peeta growls through gritted teeth, shoving Grayson off of his figure. I push Johanna's hands out of the way, observing the blistering wound. "What did he do?" I whisper, feeling the tears that I shed earlier with Gale returning. Johanna emits a small sob and clings onto my arm, her tear filled eyes boring into mine. "He t-tried to k-kill me" she stutters, her other arm cluthing her chest. My mind becomes clouded and foggy, my head literally spinning. I have no idea what to do, or where to start. "I'm going to kill  him!" she snaps aloud, growling beneath her pain. She attempts to scramble to her feet, but I refuse to allow her to get up. Grabbing her by both arms, I wrench her body to look at me, my gray eyes piercing into her own. "Calm down... You know he didn't mean it, you know - " 

"I don't care!" Johanna screams, yanking my grip off of her. Her chest has a tight wound sliding across from shoulder to shoulder, the blood dripping into her shirt. She aggressively stands up, spitting out blood onto the floor before snatching up the knife Peeta used against her. Angrily, I regain myself back to my feet, pulling her by the shoulders. With a swift movement, Johanna wrenches my braid, forcefully slamming me back on the floor. For a wounded girl, she still has some extreme strength. "GALE!" I scream, scrambling back to my feet. "GET HER!" 

Gale snaps his head over my shoulder, his eyes widening in shock as Johanna came running full speed at the three of them with the knife. He pushes Peeta out of the way along with Grayson, dodging the knife that flies through thin air, hitting into the tree. Gale quickly retrieved the knife, throwing it over to me. I catch the knife in mid air, tucking it away into my belt out of Johanna's reach. "Johanna..." Gale begins, holding his hands up, moving back cautiously. "I know you're mad at Peeta... This isn't him, it's the Capitol... You can't hurt him." 

She glances from me to Gale, then over to Peeta who was wrestling with Grayson. Johanna's breathing begins to quicken and before I even realize it, she collapses onto the floor, braking down all over again. 

"Yo girl on fire!" Grayson yells over Peeta's growls, glancing over his shoulder. "A little help over here!" Panicking, I nod my head for Gale to fix up Johanna and bolt over to Peeta. Just by the sight of me, Peeta became even more enraged. From here on, I don't know what to do. Everything is happening all to quickly, all to fast. Grayson pins Peeta down by the shoulders on the floor, struggling as I reach out to hold his hand, attempting to calm him down. Usually every month or so Peeta would go wild, leaving me and everyone else around us paranoid. 

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