Chapter 1

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"The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realise the situation is over, you can not move forward."

Chapter 1

"Jordyn, can you get the last box from the car?" My mum calls to me as I pass her carrying a load of boxes stacked on top of eachother, I'm walking back out to the car from our new house.

The last box in the car is big, but very light, it's pillows. I pick the box up and slowly make my way through the gate and up the path on account of me not being able to see over the top of the box.

"Woah, you okay there?" The wall I've just walked into asks.

I put the box down and see that the "wall" is, in fact, two teenage boys, both tall with piercing blue eyes, one about my age, the other looks slightly older.

"Hey, I'm Chase, and this is my little brother, Jonah." The older guy, Chase, introduces them.

Chase and Jonah look very similar in looks with their height, piercing blue eyes and strong jawline, but while Chase wears a navy blue polo shirt with jeans and has short black hair, Jonah wears a white t-shirt with jeans and a leather jacket, and straight brown hair with a little length to it, he looks the perfect image of a stereotypical bad boy, there's a softness to his eyes though, one telling me he's not really the bad boy he wants everyone to think he is.

"Hi, I'm Jordyn, we've just moved here from Newmarket, down in Suffolk." I introduce myself. So far Jonah has not said a word, just stood there with one hand in the pocket of his leather jacket.

"Good to meet you Jordyn, we better go, just thought we'd stop by and introduce ourselves." Chase smiles as he walks off, Jonah following quietly behind him, not breaking that serious look on his face.

"Hey Jord, who was that you were talking to?" Logan, my older brother, stops to ask me as I go to pick up the box again.

"Oh, that was Chase, he's our neighbour," I reply as I hand him the box I was about to carry.

"But there were two people here?" He replies questioningly. Logan is the sweetest big brother ever but he can be very over protective and butt into my life a little too much sometimes.

"That was Jonah, I didn't mention him as you asked who I was talking to and I was talking to Chase, Jonah never spoke a word," I reply with a cheeky smile, running up into my new room to start sorting everything out.

My so far new room just has light blue walls, luckily it is my favourite colour so I don't need to repaint them, a cream carpet, an oak bed frame with my mattress from the old house and large bits of furniture that the moving company brought up yesterday, such as my desk and wardrobe.The best part is the glass double doors that lead out to a tiled balcony with a white barrier; to the left of the balcony I can see the gorgeous beach with dogs running in the surf and children building sand castles, in front of my balcony is another, belonging to one of our new neighbours, I can see it leads into another bedroom but I don't look in, not wanting to invade their privacy.

I walk back into my room, leaving the balcony doors open to let the fresh sea air in, and start putting all my things in their appropriate places, including the dog bed that goes at the foot of my bed. I've got a Border Collie called Sadie, I compete her in agility and her show name is Sadies Sassy Side, because that's what she is, sassy. My aunt was looking after Sadie while we moved, she's bringing her up tomorrow.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just as I finish putting everything where I want it and hanging some pictures on the wall, mainly of me competing with Sadie and my old dog, Jesse, when Logan knocked on my door and came in.

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