Chapter 6 Stay with me

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Chapter 6



He smelled so good!  Warm and nestled into his chest, I inhaled deeply the masculine scent of my…What was he?  Employer? Friend?  It would be weird to be held like this by an employer, so maybe he was more like a friend.  A light aftershave mixed with his own slight musk, it was so intoxicating it made me heady.  It felt nice to be held.  Since my Dad had died my mother was no longer very affectionate, or at least with me.

I felt the boat start to slow down and Nico shifted in his seat and I sat up looking at him.  We were mere inches apart.  Yes, in my head I was calling him Nico now.  I don’t really know what is happening, but I think, at least in my head, I can call him Nico.  

 “Turn around,” he said softly.  I could feel his breath we were so close.  He had a glimmer in his eye, anticipation, excitement?  So I turned around and looked up, and up.  We were pulled up next to the biggest boat I have ever seen.  This couldn't be called a boat, it was a Yacht.  We tied up to the back and there was a platform you could step aboard.  I saw huge cranes above us and I wondered what they were.

  “They hold this boat out of the water when we’re underway,” he explained.  “Serenity is too large to dock in the marina, so we moor her out here and use the power boat to get back and forth to shore.”


 “That’s the name of this vessel. She’s my home away from home.”

 “She’s really big!” I was truly awed.  

 “Come on, I’ll give you a tour,” he encouraged as he lifted me off his lap and stood up.  I walked to the edge and the same man from before reached out a hand so I could step onto the platform.  Nico grasped me by the hips as well keeping me steady as I stepped up.  I’d have to let him know at some point that I’m not fragile, I don’t like being treated like a girl.

 We walked inside a door and through a hallway.  

 “Down here we mainly have the engine room, several storage rooms, there’s the electrical room and all of the equipment that keeps her running,” he explained.  We went up some stairs and soon we were on the first deck.  “We’ll start at the helm, that’s where the Captain basically runs the boat.”  I followed him to another door and up more stairs until we were in a large room that overlooked the whole ship and had an amazing 360 degree view.

“Nicolas!,” an older man called out as he stood up from a desk to greet us.  He had white hair and a white beard, but didn’t look too old, maybe in his early 50’s.  “I received your message and I’m making the arrangements right away,” he reported.

“Santos, good to hear.  I’ll keep you posted on final details.” They shook hands and then Nico looked at me.  “Finn, this is the Captain of Serenity, you'll address him as Captain Lewis.  Santos, this is Finn.”  I quickly shook hands with the Captain and he gave me a warm smile.  “I’m giving him a tour before we go get cleaned up for dinner.”

Nico proceeded to show me around the helm and tell me about all of the different pieces of equipment, but to be honest most of it went over my head.  I was most enthralled by the view and couldn’t wait to sketch it.  The shore looked so beautiful as the sun started to wane.

Next we walked around the various decks.  Nico showed me where the staff quarters were, apparently there are 25 people who work on this boat!  He showed me the main dining room which was huge and had a large crystal chandelier.  There was even a beautiful Grand piano in one corner and I was tempted to go and hit some keys, but it was so shiny I didn’t want to put any fingerprints on it.  Nico explained that he rarely used that dining room, only for formal functions.  

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