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I was 5 when I first find out about my ability. When I was walking with my little Sister. We are abduct by a group of assassins, they're about to kill us when something happens. I unconsciously outstretched my hand saying "book of the death" a flame was form in front of me. Then a book appear after the fire floating in front of me, it spells 'Death Note' the family of assassin look at it with interest. There's also a feather pen floating next to the book. I grab a pen, then instantly a flash of image appear in my mind. It was how to use it. After I grab the pen the book opens on its own. Allowing me to write in it.

I wrote 'Desmond Miles... Died from heart attack after I count down from 5' the name I wrote is the name of one of them. After I finished wrote it down. "5....4.....3...." I start counting. When I reached 1 Desmond drop grunting in pain while clutching his left chest. Then he died. The rest of the assassins look at the dead body in shock. Then they look up to me. "She's gonna be a good use for us" one of them said. The others agreed.

"No! I'm not letting you use my ability for your own desire. I do not wish to kill someone's life" I yelled at them. They look at me with an angry expression. Then one of them grab my Sister "you are not the one to talk! Do as we say or we'll kill your Sister" my eyes widened. I drop to my knees "please... Don't hurt my Sister, she's all I have! Please" I plead them. "Then do as we say!" I have no choice but to obey.

Years have passed since I became part of the assassins. Everyone around the world knows about my ability, they just don't know it was me. They gave me nickname "Angels of Death". It wasn't something I want to. I don't have a choice. They'll kill my Sister if I didn't do what they say.

I don't know that they're all keeping secrets from me. The fact that my Sister is suffering from a life threatening disease. They never told me about that. They also threaten my Sister to not tell me about her condition telling her they'd kill me if she did.

I was sitting with my Sister near the balcony. I notice she's looking really pale. "S/N.... Are you alright? You look really pale" I say as she leans on my side as I caress her head softly. She looks up to me and smile "I'm doing fine, sis... Just tired" I'm not really convince by it. But I didn't press it further. My worse mistake. I didn't know that today... Is gonna be her last day.

Luke.... One of the assassins call out for me, telling me that I have another person to kill. "I'll see you later, 'Kay?" I say to her as I plant a soft kiss on her head. I was about to get up and walk away when a hand pull at my shirt. I look down to see S/N holding my shirt while staring at me with teary eyes. I look at Luke and ask for a moment. He just roll his eyes and walk away glaring at my Sister as she flinch, I didn't know the meaning of the glare is, but my Sister do. It means "don't you dare say anything about your disease to her" I grab my Sister hand and kneel down in front of her "what is it?" I ask gently. I may be a killer. But it wasn't my choice. I did this to protect my Sister. She's everything to me. She's my treasure. If I didn't do what they want. They'll kill her.

She starts to cry "sis... Please stop killing..." I start to tear up too as I pull her closer. "Shh... It's okay... I did this to protect you... I can't let them hurt you or worse... Kill you. You're all I have left" she just cry into my shirt damping them. I hug her back. But then we are forcefully being pulled apart and they drag her away. "S/N!!!" "Sis!!!" We scream as I try to break free from their grasp. "Do your job! You'll able to see her after" I just nod and they release me. They told me the names of the people they wanted to kill.

I made the 'Death Note' appear and start writing the names. I was crying as I write. After a while I'm finally done. "Good job!" They say and walk away. "Wait!" I yelled. They turn to me "what?" One of them said. "You said I could see my Sister" I ask them. They roll their eyes at me but they allow me to go see her.

I walk towards her cell and open the lock. I walk inside. Seeing her sleeping peacefully. I laid beside her and slowly wrap my arms around her. She instantly snuggle up to me. I smile and close my eyes. But snap them open when I heard her sobbing. "What's wrong?" I ask worried. She looks up and my eyes widened. Her nose is bleeding badly. "S/N!! Hold on.... I'll go look for help" I was about to get up, but she holds me tightly. "S/N.... Let me go... I need to get help for you" she shook her head. "S-sis.... P-please s-stop k-killing p-people... I-I don't w-want you t-to be a k-killer" she said weakly. "S/N... Stop talking... I'll go find help for you.... Please hang in there" she shook her head "m-my time h-has.... C-come. S-sis.... R-Run away f-from h-here" "no! D-don't say that" I sob. "They force me to not tell you this or they'll kill you.... B-but... I-I'm sick and d-don't have m-much t-time left. P-please run away" she said as her eyes drift close. "G-goodbye... Sis, I-I love y-you" her eyes close. I scream and beg for her to open her eyes. I got up and shook my head. She wants me to escape, that's her last wish and I'm going to grant her wish. I'll escape from this hell. I succeed in escaping and none of them notice it. Lucky me... But my Sister. When I was far enough. I drop to the ground and start crying harder. The only person I have left has died. After I'm calm, I got up and start running again. Away from them... I'll go somewhere where they will never find me.

*to be continued*

A/N: I'm crying while I wrote this story. Let me know if someone's shed a tear for this chapter. Anyway, thanks for reading! More parts will me coming. Bye!!

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