#PSOW: 27th Aug-3rd September

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NOTE: THIS PART IS COPIED FROM OUR BLOG. Please visit www.projectshinecampaign.wordpress.com for more.

Eager to participate but unsure how? Scared about sharing your faith online? Lost when it comes to outreach?

This is the event for you.

#PSOW will begin on Sunday the 27th of August 2017 and run until the next Sunday.

For a week, Project Shine will be working alongside all of you to reach out to others online and shine a light in the darkest corners.

I cannot encourage you enough to join us in this event. You will not be alone.

So what will you be signing up for? For each day listed below, you only have to fulfil one item, but we'd love you to do them all! It could be as simple as posting an encouraging verse, or as making your own special #ProjectShine Book for tasks that require more.
You can join at any stage throughout the week, and even if you visit this post after the event you can still participate in your own time.

Day 1-Make Your Profile Shine

*Comment at least one encouraging bible verse on your page on any and every social media site you can. Don't forget to tag us!

*Add the #ProjectShine to your bio on any site.

*Add a message, tweet or post using the #ProjectShine and #PSOW to let your followers know you are participating. Let's get the hashtags trending!

*Share a link to any of our social media sites.

*Post a prayer for the upcoming week.

*Comment below or post and tag on Facebook, Twitter etc. your own #PSOW Speech. The Official Speech for 2017 will be posted just before the event to encourage every participant.

*If you haven't already, follow us both here, on Wattpad and on Pinterest. All the links are on the Contact page of the site.

Day 2-Spread the Word

*Comment at least one encouraging verse on your message board.

*Tag some users you think would be interested into the comments (please read the warning and disclaimer) and share a tagged message (#PSOW)
*PM/DM closer friends or family members to tell then about the Project and what it means to you.

*On your message board, mention #ProjectShine and what it means to you, encouraging others to participate. Share us on any and every social media site!

*Retweet/reblog messages from other participants.

Day 3-Your Shine

This is where it really begins!
*Comment at least one encouraging verse on your message board. This one should be one that really speaks to you personally.

*Write a short story part, comment or post about what it means to you to be a Christian and follow Jesus in today's world. Tag it #ProjectShine and #PSMyShine so we can find it.

*Share your testimony for our Wattpad book, Your Shine (see this for more information) or post it in the comments tagged MyShine to allow us to share it on the blog.

*On your message board, share a link to a particular praise song that you love and explain why to your followers.

*Share positive messages with your follower. Even a simple comment on a photo saying what they mean to you or sharing a simple quote could brighten their day.

Day 4-Ignite the Flame

*Comment at least one encouraging verse on your message board.

*Write a short story part or post like a daily devotional for other participants to read.

*Write a blog post for us and spread the love on others' posts

*Write a mid-week update (either privately on paper or online) documenting what you've done during the week. Keep an eye out for a later blog post on this topic.

Day 5-Prayer and Praise

*Comment at least one encouraging verse on your message board.

*Make a list of all the good things God has given you and post them as a prayer.

*Write a poem or even a song about God's goodness, and when it's ready, share it! This doesn't have to be done within the week.

*Choose one worthy Christian charity and pray for them throughout the day, sharing some information about them on your profile. Find out if they have any social media profiles and voice your support there by following etc.

Day 6-Inspiration Appreciation

*Comment at least one encouraging verse on your message board.

*Either via PM or on their noticeboard, tell a friend, family member or loved one what they mean to you and simply say thank you for all they do. Remember to tell them you'll do the same for them if they need you to.

*Tell us who your Christian inspiration is. It can be a Bible character or missionary, or even a loved one etc.
*Find another worthy campaign, (it doesn't have to be directly Christian or one of our Wattpad affiliates) and thank them on their message board for all they do. Perhaps share your encouraging personal experience of using the profile if you have done so before.

*Post a photo of a beautiful scene or landscape you've photographed and appreciate God's creation.

Day 7-Random Acts of Kindness

*Comment at least one encouraging verse on your message board.

*Look out for anyone who needs help, and do all you can to help them, whether it be read their blog, vote, comment, follow or answer questions for them. Read the disclaimer.

*On another Christian user's message board, share a verse and tell them you'll pray for them in their daily walk with God. Do this for as many as you can.


To sign up, like this post and comment below with your username/given name, email (if you wish to recieve updates in the lead up) and any comments, including your own ideas for take to add. Finish with "I'm in!"

So that's it! You can make it as easy or as challenging as you like, but I would encourage you all to participate.
We want to further the Gospel and shine God's light into the darkest corners.

With everything you do for #PSOW, please add the #ProjectShine and/or #PSOW if you can.

In the run up to the week, be sure to check back here for more posts discussing the event in more detail and encouraging you on your journey.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us:

Email: projectshinecampaign

Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/ShineCampaign

Comment below or send a PM on Wattpad

Let's start a revival!

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