Red Polka Dots (1)

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Destiny over to the side---------------------------------->



I frowned, rolling over on my side and burying my face in my fluffy pillow.

"Destiny." My mother's beautiful voice repeated and I felt a small sliver of pain. Her voice was amazing, especially when she sang. Her singing would whisk me away into a feeling of awe and I would cry almost every time she did.

She would sing often and I would listen to her, even if I had to sit there for hours. Her voice was too beautiful to ignore.

But even if I was her child, I couldn't sing.

The thing was, I couldn't even talk.

I opened my eyes, giving my mom a small smile, seeing her looming over me with a bright smile of her own.

She had the brightest blonde hair and the warmest brown eyes one could ever imagine. She was an amazing mother and she always had the brightest smile on her face, no matter how bad times seemed to be.

She was the one who pulled me back up after that time, that time of suffering, and I couldn't have been more thankful.She's the reason I'm still here.

"Good morning Destiny." She greeted, her smile never wavering as I sat up slowly and waved, mouthing a small good morning.

"You better get ready soon. We don't want you to be late for school." She pulled back the curtains, letting the sunlight stream into my room.

I nodded, plopping my feet on the floor and stood up, stretching my arms over my head and sighing when I felt a few of my bones cracking.

"I made your favorite, blueberry pancakes!" She skipped over to the door, reaching out for the doorknob.

She looked back at me as I rubbed my sleepy eyes. "Destiny..."

I raised my head. "I love you, dear."

Me too mom....

Me too...

But I could never tell you.


I sat at the back of the class, nervously glancing outside the window as the rest of my classmates piled in, shoving people through the small door, laughing at each other.

I rubbed my sweaty palms together, trying to keep my breathing steady.

It's almost over. One more class and I'm free, I chanted to myself in my head and I bit my lower lip as he sat next to me.

He was Kale, the boy with chestnut brown hair, a tall yet thin figure that easily made most of the people in our grade seem short, and those stormy gray eyes, usually hidden behind his thick glasses.

But sometimes, he decided to wear contacts which he decided to do today.

We had the last class together and he would always sit beside me at the back, where no one could mess with him. I would notice how he would make sure to look around before actually sitting down, a habit of his I noticed.

He must've sensed me looking at him because he turned his gray eyes to me and our gazes met for a brief moment before I dropped my gaze to my lap.

It was always like this almost every day, our eyes would meet before one of us would turn to look away.

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