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I was the mute freak.... He was the boy they loved to make fun of.

You would have thought that we would be the best of friends when in reality, the only words ever spoken between us was a simple 'Can I borrow your pen?' from him on the second day of school.

Not that I could say anything to him anyway.

None of us bothered to talk to each other so we never became friends.

In all honestly, sometimes, I wanted to wave at him and give him a smile but whenever I would glance at the serious look on his face, all my confidence would suddenly disappear.

I always wanted to have a friend, experience what it feels like to have someone to trust again, someone who understands me. After the incident, all the people I've trusted abandoned me, sneering and spitting insults my way, abandoning me and breaking whatever ties I had with them.

A weirdo, they called me.

A mute freak....

But there was nothing else I could do but accept defeat and cry in my room, dealing with what the doctors labelled as depression.

The only one who could bring me back out of that saddening state was my mother. She never gave up on me and did all she could, even taking time off much needed work to just be there for me as I cried and cried.

When I lost my voice...

That was when I transferred here, my mom wanting a new start but it was no better here. Everyone just ignored me and I was left alone, yet again.

Kale was now the only person that I had a chance of making friends with, seeing how everyone else ignored me or avoided me like the plague.

Yet I never made a move, scared of him and how he might react to me ever trying to get close to him.

What if he thought I was a freak too?

I exhaled, tucking a stray strand of brown hair behind my ear as I diverted my attention to the our thin, lanky math teacher as he droned on and on about the numbers on the board, his wire-rimmed glasses starting to slip off his nose for the millionth time.

No one actually paid any attention to him besides me and the gray-eyed boy beside me. The teacher was boring but listening to him actually gave me A's so I didn't complain, wanting to pass high school with flying colors.

And it seemed that Kale did too, seeing how he always worked his butt off and how he always had straight A's.

He was always so serious, almost...cold.

I shook the thoughts out of my head. I shouldn't be thinking of him, he was just another boy....

The bell rung loudly, signaling the end of the day and everyone immediately rushed off, tripping over each other as they went out the room, leaving me, Kale, and a sleepy looking teacher in the room.

"Hey geek!" Mave, the school bad boy aka 'Mr. Hottie' as girls like to call him, suddenly poked his head in the room, glaring at Kale who seemed to stiffen in his place.

"Remember that thing you owe me? It better be done by tomorrow...... or else." He ended in a grave tone, not scared of what he was saying because our teacher was already passed out in his spinny chair, snoring lightly.

Kale said nothing nor did he acknowledge their presence as he continued to gather his things, posture tense.

This seemed to bother Mave as he fully stepped into the room, his fist clenched beside him. "Did ya hear me dweeb?!" He snarled and almost automatically, Kale nodded which had Mave grinning.

"Good." And with that, he was gone out the door, his black boots clicking against the floor.

I let out a relieved sigh, not wanting to see a fight and I glanced at Kale who was glaring at his desk, making me scoot back a little at the fire in his eyes.

He cursed under his breath before standing straight and striding out the door, angrily.

I watched it all with wide eyes.

Kale never looked so mad before... ever.


I was still thinking about him as I walked out the front doors. Kale... Kale never ever has been like that before.

He would usually keep calm even after they beat him up almost every day and I would head on over to him, wanting to help, seeing how everyone else just laughed at his bleeding and bruised body. But when our eyes would collide and he would see me heading over to him, he would quickly stand up and brush his clothes off, slipping his emotionless and cold mask on as if it didn't hurt.

This was the first time he looked frustrated, angry at something and I was surprised.

I never thought I would see him like that.

I blinked furiously as my eyes landed on a bright yellow poster that was pinned up to the bulletin board, covering a few older posters that I have often seen after passing by the board every time I exited the building.

My eyes scanned over the paper, widening further with each and every word I read and I paled.

                                      The awaited day has finally arrived!

                                                       'The Pairing'

 So all you Seniors, get ready to have the chance of a lifetime to possibly find        your soul mate, your destined other half.   

The words were printed in a horrible bright shade of pink and there were tons of glitter surrounding the words, covering the fine print at the bottom which I quickly peered at and found to be a note that said to ask our teachers for the date of the event.

I stepped back, as I processed it in my mind, wanting to curl up into a ball and hide from the world until this passed.

But it wasn't because of the horrible print or the excessive amount of rainbow glitter evident on the flimsy sheet of yellow paper.

It was because.... of 'The Pairing'.

It has finally come.....

And I couldn't escape it.

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