Chapter 1: Break Her

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Jackie Simmons

Today I would meet my future husband. It was crazy because I had not really gotten a chance to argue with my parents. It just happened and I had to accept it.

Everyone in my life always told me that I was too hyper and accepting at my age but I liked that. I loved the simple fact that I could be happy all the time even when something bad happened, like now.

There was no Stockholm Syndrome, though. I still harbored some angry feelings towards my parents, I just hid them well.

The time was very close to my engagement party and I was very nervous. What if my parents picked an old man or worse, a boring man? I disliked those men who only wanted to talk about business all day. It got boring after a while. I understand that I am the daughter of a famous pianist and business man. But there is no need to talk about the organization all the time.

Currently, we were riding in the car to my engagement party. I wanted to make the best of this so I decided to do what I always do when I am having a bad day.

"Mom, can we stop off and get some ice cream?" I begged as I ran my hand through my long black hair.

"No, child are you nuts? We have to show up to the party on time. You must stop acting like a teenage girl and become an adult now. You are going to be married and soon, children will be on the way. Now, get out of the car, we're here," my mother demanded while exiting the limo.

Well, so much for getting ice cream.

I sighed as I got out the vehicle. Staring up at the prestigious building where my engagement would be held was not a cure of anxiety. So nonetheless, I tried not to look at it and I hurried inside.

The place was an overall beautiful scenery with big chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, a clean brown floor to walk on and big bright lights filling the whole room. It reminded me of a ballroom from the 1800's. Everyone in  the room stood around socializing and laughing- having a good time- and here I was being so nervous that I could barely breathe.

Despite the beauty and appearance of the room, I was still apprehensive but I swallowed my emotions and I tried to act decent. Whether you believe it or not, I was pretty clumsy. I had a habit of falling over stairs and complete nothingness, in certain situations. I really hoped I did not break or damage anything at this party. Or better yet, embarrass myself in front of my soon-to-be spouse.

"Jackie, quit twiddling around. Get over here and meet Mr. Rodriguez," my mother ordered and I flinched, drawing myself out of my daze.

"Hi," I said timidly, looking at the ground.

"Look up, child," Mother chastised yet again. Some would think my mother was harsh towards me but I was used to her strong hand of discipline. I know my mother loves me but she just shows it in a different way.

I looked up and when I did, my heart fluttered as I came face to face with deep brown eyes. His eyes were so deep that it seemed as though he knew all my darkest secrets. He also had jet black curly hair I imagined was very soft and broad shoulders that looked very strong. He held a confident posture that made everyone present with him to stare. It was like he intimidated everyone. Mr. Rodriguez was a very handsome man and I could tell he was quite arrogant and scary, in a way.

I reached out my hand to shake his and instead of him greeting me, he looked at my hand like it was Satan.

I dropped my hand awkwardly. I did not know what I did to make him angry but instantly, my feelings were hurt.

"I have a place to go. It was nice meeting you, Jackie. I must find my father," he said in a deep voice and for some reason, I could tell he was indeed not so happy to meet me.

As he walked away from me, I glanced at his back. I felt like I wanted to cry but I had to be strong. My marriage was not going to work if I acted weak.

Maybe he was having a bad day.

I convinced myself that his behavior was the effect of a bad day.

Brad Rodriguez

I was sick of all my father's sick and twisted games. He told me that I would be able to pick a wife of my own but yet, here I was at an engagement party. I had repeated over and over again to my father that I wanted to choose my spouse when I got older, or better yet, I did not want a partner at all. I was a busy man and I did not have time for love shenanigans.

To make things worse, the wife that I was to marry acted like a mere child- naive and her feelings were easily hurt. She wore her heart on a sleeve and she was already like an open book to me. From looking all around like a small girl to not being able to glance at me in the eyes, indicated she was just a small, weak girl.

I hated the fact that I had to marry her and you better believe, I would break her.

I would break her slowly.

Very, very slowly.
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