Chapter 41 - White wine & frozen peas

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For the first time since Louis practically moved into our small apartment, I woke up wrapped in Jace's arms, head tucked under his chin and legs tangled together. He was snoring softly as I held him for an unknown amount of time, until the door swung open and Louis peeked his head in.

He gave me a fond smile as he took in our tangled together forms, then finally slipped through the door and into my room. "Good morning," He whispered.

I stared back at him blankly. "Good morning."

"I'm going to wake Jace up now because I have a plan, and, no offense, you kind of look like death."

"Okay. Fair point."

Louis crawled from the foot of the bed up, snuggling into Jace's side and murmuring 'wake up, wake up, wake up', until Jace finally wrenched open one blue eye. He glanced sleepily between my sullen face and Louis' bright one before opening his other eye.

"Time?" He rasped.

"Almost noon," Louis cheered, "and time for you two to get up. I've come up with a foolproof breakup plan, if you two are ready to listen."

Jace slowly sat up against the headboard, bringing me and the covers with him. "Sure, Lou, let's hear it."

"Okay," Louis clapped his hands together and cleared his throat. "Today is sad day. You only get one sad day because we're adults and we have work, and today is it. Tomorrow you get to skip work and that's angry day. You can yell and punch shit."

He glanced downward for my approval before continuing. "Then, Tuesday, if everything goes according to schedule, we get very drunk at a shitty bar. And then you have more sad days, but not, like, sad days, and we'll be here for you the entire time." I blinked up at Louis and he frowned. "You got it? You're going to cry and scream, and we're going to be right here through all of it."

"Well," I mumbled, "I wouldn't say Harry and I broke up...more just like I'm very embarrassing and it's definitely over between us. But I think I'd rather just burn the suit jacket that's hanging in my closet than have a sad day."

"Oh, lovely. Jace can start breakfast and I'll find the lighter!"

With that, Louis stumbled out of the bed, leaving Jace and I to wake up slowly. We both had our feet on the ground when Louis entered once again, triumphantly holding a lighter in one hand and with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. I nodded and headed towards my closet, and pulled out the suit jacket.

We walked in a tired chain out of my bedroom and towards the balcony, lighter in Louis' hand, Jace's hands in each of ours, and a black Versace suit coat that smelled like Harry still in my free one. Louis slid the glass door open and we stepped out into the cold New York air onto the outside porch.

I held up the jacket for inspection. "Where do you think is the most flammable?"

"Probably somewhere on the inside," Louis said. "This is going to be awesome."

"Definitely. Lighter please."

He handed it to me with a firm look on his face, then threw his arms over Jace's shoulder. They stood side by side in their pajamas on the balcony and watched as I flicked the lighter a few times before it caught and began scrambling in the wind.

"Norah!" Jace snapped. "Before you burn it, what even happened? You were a little to drunk for a proper explanation last night. So, like, what happened?"

I shot him a glare. "Trust me, it's over. Now hush and let me burn this."


"Well," I announced, "I'm going to burn his jacket. His stupid, stupid, Versace jacket that looks so nice and probably was really expensive." The lighter went out. I threw it off the balcony. "Oh god, its such a fucking nice jacket. I. I can't do it."

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