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Y/N'S P.O.V:

"So you will be having an art project to make!" Our art teacher Mrs. Dinner-is-ready exclaimed.

It's our first class with her and she looks pretty chill, I mean, her name too...

"Are we gonna work in groups?" A guy asked.

"No, you will actually work alone!" She exclaimed.

"Yaaas" I screamed making everyone look at look at me.

"What? The dinner-is-ready? *windshield wiper laugh*" I joked.

"Shut up. You're not funny." A guy said making me triggered.

"I'm sure chocking you will be." I replied.

"Miss Y/N quiet please!" The teacher glared.

"Then tell this donkey ass looking guy to shut the fuck up before I'll introduce him to my friend called fist." I rolled my eyes.

"Manners!" She half-shouted.

"Exuji meee!" I wheezed.

"Do you wanna be sent to the director's office?" She warned, ok I take my words back, she's not chill.

"No thanks, please continue the explanation I'm so damn interested can't u see the interest in my faceu?" I smiled innocently but had a sarcastic tone.

"Okay, since you're interested, why don't u sit in the front?" She smiled.

"OH HELL TO THE NA- okay." I sighed as I sat in the empty seat in the front.

Sitting in the front made me dizzy since I'm used to always sit in the corner just like a spider.

"So like I said earlier, you're gonna work alone" She informed.

She was talking and spitting at my face at the same time. Sitting in the front was totally a second shower for me.

"Dirty water my faceu." I mumbled.

"The project will be about drawing a non human creature, it could be an angel, a demon, a spirit or a ghost. Basically anything which is not a human being." She spitted.

"Does a potato count?" I asked.

"No sweetie, it should be alive."

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