Under The Stars

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Under The Stars
By: Decoris Unum

Look up at the stars
Look at how they shine for you,
Keeping alight from afar,
And know their shine is true

Think of the stars as us
They shine on,
They have,
They are,
They will shine bright
They are your guide in the darkness
Twinkling all throughout the night
We are the stars

So look up and search for yourself
Find the beauty,
The love,
Let the sky take your pain away
Give yourself hope

Look up at the stars
They're there
Even when the biggest of them all is present
You just have to see the beauty
And look up at the stars.


Copyright © 2020 by Decoris Unum.


❤️ thank you for believing in me. [A/N: this tag was from 2017 but I thought I'd leave it in. For memories. I hope you don'tfallen_angelinluv

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