Chapter2: Jingyu makes it obvious

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In class, WeiZhou seat was next to
Chenwen who is one of WeiZhou classmate and neighbor, while Jingyu seat behind them.

"Hey, Zhou! Do you hear about the rumors yet?" ChenWen already knew the answer but pretended to ask.
Jingyu, on the other hand had no idea about what's going on.
"What rumor? " he asked, eyes fixed on them.
ChenWen almost out of breathe when heard Jingyu voice from behind
He didn't know yet, so it mean that I have to tell him? What if he get angry and beat me?
"Hmm..Nothing" ChenWen answered

"Is there something you and WeiZhou do and hide from me? Tell me or I find out myself, you will know!" Jingyu tone is not so friendly.

Weizhou see that Jingyu has successfully scared ChenWen, not wanted Jingyu to cause any trouble after knowing about the rumor he reply Jingyu with "Nothing means Nothing, why do you have to scared him? Teacher is teaching, you want us 3 to get into trouble?"

Who knows that the 'nothing' from WeiZhou made Jingyu even more curious. He slapped the table hard,
making everyone in class turned to looked at them, even the sleeping one woke up.
"What happen tell me now! " Jingyu was sure that Weizhou hide something, it just he didn't know what it is.

"Okay OKay, I will tell you. Please clam down first,okay ?" ChenWen tried to stop Jingyu but situation didn't get better.

"STUP UP! I don't need you to tell me! I need Weizhou to tell me."

Seeing everyone in class looked at them WeiZhou felt so uncomfortable, he really hate this attention.
Not knowing what to do, Weizhou just silently pulled Jingyu's hand and walked out of the classroom.

ChenWen who was still shocked from Jingyu's action stood there, opened his eyes widely ..Shit, it's my fault.

Outside of the classroom, Weizhou kept pulling Jingyu as far as he can to avoid people eyeing on them.

"Stop! Xu Weizhou, I said stop!"
Weizhou finally stopped as he think the place was quite enough, then he turned to stared at Jingyu.
"Jingyu, tell me what do you want , huh? Why are you acting crazy all of the sudden?"

"So you tell me why are you always hiding things from me and why did ChenWen knows but I don't?"

"Well , everyone in this school knows, only you don't! If you want to fucking know go find out by yourself!!"

WeiZhou then pushed Jingyu and walked away, while Jingyu stand blinkly stared at Weizhou walking away.
Did I make him angry? Yes obviously you did, it a rumor not a secret, isn't normal that ChenWen knows it! Damn it, why I overreacted? FUCK!
" Weizhou !! Wait for me.." Jingyu called WeiZhou then he ran to catchup with WeiZhou.
WeiZhou turned back, seeing Jingyu was running toward him, he didn't stop walking, instead he increased his speed but Jingyu still managed to catchup after a few large steps.
They walked for a while but in the opposite way from their classroom. WeiZhou didn't think of going back to class since he don't want anybody to ask him what happened? Or what's going on? The boy next to him didn't even know anything yet.

Jingyu voice broke the silence

" How shameless I am? "

Upon hearing that, WeiZhou turned to looked at Jingyu

"What are you talking about ? "

"I know I am wrong, please forgive "

" Yeah, you are so shameless, still ask for my forgiveness?" Even though it sounded sarcastic but Jingyu was happy to hear that, he know that WeiZhou was no longer angry.

Finally the bell rang, the hall way were now full with students.

"Shit, I'm with Jingyu again? This gonna make thing worse", WeiZhou whispered to himself. Most students were looking at them. Some of the females student stare at them while making an "so cute, I shipped them."
While some crying "My two crushes, they turned to date each other"
Most of the boy couldn't help but asked each other "Is that true? Obviously, it is ! "

Seeing the reactions around him, Jingyu turned to look at WeiZhou who looked completely annoyed, he came to realized about the rumors.

So the rumors is we are gays. And you are bother by this? Jingyu already know what the rumor is.

Jingyu mouth then turned into an evil smirk. He put this hand on one of WeiZhou's shoulder. The whole school widen their eyes and start making an "oh" "ahh" "Wow" "Too cute, I can't" sounds.

WeiZhou movement stopped from Jingyu's action and he turned to look at Jingyu who was enjoying the moment.

"What the hell are you doing?" WeiZhou pulled Jingyu's hand away then ran into his class.

"Baby, why are you shy?" Jingyu couldn't help but continued to tease.

Into the classroom, Jingyu walked to sit at ChenWen's seat.

"Who let you sit here?" WeiZhou turned to asked Jingyu

"Hmm it's not your place."

"Tell me why did you do that? " asked WeiZhou

"Nothing, I just want to see your embarrassed face. hahaha. You were so funny just then. " Jingyu's reason seemed silly.

Xu WeiZhou's ears turn red now, "Huang Jingyu, fuck you!! "  of course, who could stand it.

"Just Kidding just kidding"

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