🌸Morning phone calls🌸

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Dan and Phil both woke up to a loud repeated ringing that was coming from Dan's phone. Groaning the little reluctantly left the chest of his partner to answer his phone so the noise would stop.
The phone screen lit guy up brightly and the  caller ID read 'Mum'.

Dan wondered why she was calling him so early in the morning but answered with a "Good morning mum." His morning voice was groggy and deeper than usual,more raw

"Hi sweetie,sorry to call so early but I'm taking a surprise visit to come see you." Dan's mum explain over the airport intercom.
"Is it ok if your step dan and I come  stay with you?" She asked finally making him sit up in frustration.

Dan didn't want to invite people to stay at Louie's house and he had no place of his own. And he would have to tell him mother about Phil,he wasn't ashamed but he knew his mom would be up set because she didn't tell him sooner.

"I'm not sure mum,Im staying with Louise at the moment but I'll check." Before Dan's mum comments farther he quickly ended the conversation.

"What was that about kitten?" Phils voice was was deeper and husky  as he pulled Dan back in to his chest.
"My parents," he said with another sigh but cuddled more in to Phil's chest." They want to come see for a while but I don't want to them to stay at Louis' house." He explained what his mother had told he seconds before.

Phil though about his partners problem for a moment before he got an idea.
" They could stay here?" He suggested with a smile. Phil had of corse though about Dan coming to live with him even though they had just began dating. Phil trusted the boys and it would make night like before much easier. And because Phil had three bed rooms one of them could be come a little room for Dan.

"I can't impose on you like that." Dan shook his head attempting to reason with the boy but Phil wasn't hearing it.

"Really it just me and Goose here. And if you like it you can come live with me." The offer really was kind but Dan still felt somewhat bad. He didn't want to be a burden to Phil.

"Are you sure you really don't mind?" Dan asked only to get more reassurance from his boyfriend.

"Of corse baby boy, Id love to have your company." Phil said running his fingers through the boys hair. Dan seemed to purr in happiness,but its was soon over as Goose jumped one the bed meowing loudly.

The little excited left Phil's chest as he picked the kitten up meowing back at the the creature."I think Goose would love the attention you give him too." Phil said feeling cold because of the lack of a human basically on top of him.

Dan nodded and said a happy "Thank you!"

Humming in return Phil reluctantly got up knowing he needed to feed his little some breakfast."Come on baby lets get some food." He said taking Dan out of his room and down to the kitchen where we was placed on the counter. "What would my princess like for breakfast?" Phil asked looking through the fridge to see what he had.

The little giggle as he swung his feet back and forth. "Can I have pancakes?" Dan asked using his puppy dog eyes.

Phil couldn't say so to the adorable boy"Of corse anything for my princess." Phil said giving his partner a kiss on the cheek before starting in their breakfast.

Wow who else is surprised I actually updated? Because I am 😂
But it's just a short lil thing because I won't be updating on time due to school starting and stuff like that so I wanted to get this out. Also I got tagged by I_am_babycarrot to do 13 things about me so here's that:

1.My name is Emmett
2.I am a polyamorous,Pansexual non binary baby
3. Despite actually being a caregiver I'm a pretty much a child
4. I have a little too^
5. I am a switch little pet
6. I have 4 ferrets and a cat
7. I have no time for people who put lemon in their water.
8. Professional Crybaby
9. My birthday is 8/23
10. Memes are the most important thing
11.  I love writing letter and have many pen pals
12. Antisocial and awkward as heck
13. I'm a band nerd and play many instruments: clarinet,baritone and alto saxophone,flute,ukulele,piano

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