The Wedding Part 2

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Hey guys! Sorry for the sudden cut off at the end of the chapter. I had to get off to go out and I got back really late. Well Heres your chapte! Oh and I would really like to thank those who have recentelly fanned me! You guys help encourage me to keep writing! I DO NOT OWN PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS!

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Percys POV

I cant believe it. I was waiting for annabeth to come to the podium and I was REALLY nervous. I mean this was al new too me! My mom gave me the thumbs up and I tried to look more confident. Suddenly I saw annabeth coming down the aisle and I was blown away. If you asked me I would say annabeth was more beautiful than Aphrodite with her best makeup and dress on. When she got to me the priest started saying "we are here today to yada-yada-yada" and stuff like that. Finally he got to the good part. Anabeth had just said yes to marying me and the priest said "You may kiss the bride" and I went all out for the best kiss in the world.

Later after the reception at the Empire State Building...

Zeus had come up to me right after the reception and told me to come to Mount Olympus in 1 hour. Me and annabeth were at the desk getting acess to Olympus. When we finally got inside the elevator anabeth started to speak. "Wow Percy I cant believe that this is actually hapening! I mean getting married is enough exitement, but becoming a god right after? Amazing!" Anabeth said. "Of coarse I do want some demigod kids, so we could have some FAKE mortal affairs, couldnt we? I mean no way is it real love for them, I just want to have some way to have some cool guys at camp." I said. "Ok but if you seem in love with one of them for just one second, I will curse them for eternity!" Anabethh joked. I smiled. Finally we got to the 600th floor and we started to walk to the throne room. When  we finally reached the throne room, the council was already present. My father winked at me, and Athena gave me a wicked look. "Percy Jackson!" Zeus said. "You have completed the final obligation to achieving god hood, and since you have saved Olympus multiple times, I have accepted the request of Chiron!" When Zeus said this I was shocked. "Chiron requested this?" I asked. "Why of coarse! I think you would have guesed that by now!" Zeus said. "Now! I bestow apon Percy, and Annabeth Jackson the immortality and power of gods!" Zeus said. Imediatelly me and annabeth felt a change. As if time had stoped and ye we could still move. "Percy Jackson! You are the God of Waves and loyalty! And Annabeth you are the God of building and thought!" Zeus said with satisfaction. "Now there is one more thing to be decided! Usually when this type of honor is bestowed on a mortal, we would make them a minor god. But with the councils agreement I could make you one of the council and major Gods." Zeus said. Every hand shot up. "The council is in agreement! Percy and annabeth Jackson you may now create your thrones. Please think of what you would like them to apear, and also a cabin at camp half blood!" Percy created a seashell white throne with a really cool headrest, whle annabeth created a throne with desighns she never got to use for Olympus. "Now Percy and Annabeth, we have aranged a space for you to live in up her on Olympus and the inside and outside look will be whatever you want it to be with a mere thought." My father spoke. "The council is now dismissed!" Zeus said, and the Gods vanished leaving Percy and Annabeth alone in the throne room.


Wel guys this is one of the chapters that I really like. Its much longer than most of mine have been, and I want more to be like this and maybee even longer!

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