Chapter 41

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      "LET ME HELP with that."

      I jumped at the voice and cursed when the hot water from the sink splashed up onto my top. I tried to swipe it away, but to no avail. I turned to face him with a glare.

      Jay laughed and stepped further into the room. "Are you okay?"

      I nodded. "Just got some hot water on me. I'll be fine." I nodded back towards the dining room. "I've got this. Go back and spend time with Cierra."

      He ignored my wishes, instead walking over and pulling his sleeves up to grab the dish and sponge from my hand. "They'll be fine without me for a few minutes."

      I huffed, reaching for the sponge he'd taken to finish what I'd started. I didn't need help, though it was appreciated. "Give me that. I want to do it."

      He lifted the sponge out of my reach and handed me the foamy plate. "I'll wash and you rinse."

      "Jay," I whined, ignoring the plate in favor of reaching farther for the sponge. He just held his arm out farther away and grinned. "Stop being a dick."

      "Oh," he taunted. He lifted the sponge over his head and dropped the plate in the clean side of the sink. "I'm a dick, am I?"

      "Yes," I muttered. I tried to stand on one foot and reach above his head. Hope filled me when my finger tips brushed the sponge, but it deflated just as quickly when he stretched his arm just a little bit higher. "A grade-A asshole."

      "Well, now you're definitely not getting this back," he teased. "You've hurt my feelings."

      I called bullshit. "You're feelings are fine. Now, just give me the sponge and let me finish this."

      "I don't think I will." He shrugged and hopped up to set it above the cabinets.

      Just high enough so I couldn't reach.

      I growled and reached into the water for a handful of soap. Only too late did Jay realize what was about to happen, and by that point he already had the soapy bubbles smeared down his face.

      He stared at me with an unreadable expression before he abruptly shot towards me. I screeched in surprise and spun on my heal to make a run for it towards the door, but his arms caught me around the waist just before I made the getaway.

      My feet lifted off the floor as he laughed and pulled me back towards the sink. "Jay! Let me go!"

      He laughed harder, the shake of his head brushing my hair as he turned me towards the sink. "Not gonna happen, Skye. You started a war."

      My eyes widened in surprise and fear as he held me tight with one arm and dipped the other into the now lukewarm water. Within seconds, a handful of foam even bigger than mine landed on my head and soaked the top of my hair.

      Jay gently released me as another round of laughter bubbled out of his chest. I tried to hide the pout on my face, but the moment he looked at me, he started laughing even harder.

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