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His name is Kim Taehyung, but mostly everyone calls him Lucifer.

His name is Kim Taehyung, but mostly everyone calls him Lucifer

And he is walking amongst us.


Taehyung licked his lips at his precious prey who slept peacefully on the bed, with no care in the world. Not knowing that someone was watching him. Unaware that his life was about to turn upside down.

Kim Taehyung. The Devil, Satan, or as he likes to refer himself as: Lucifer. The almighty king of hell. The king of all kings. The true ruler of hell, stood outside a 19 year old's window, watching as he slept. He couldn't help but listen to his steady heartbeat and his dreams of graduating college and starting a family one day.

Tsk, so unrealistic.

To say he had expected something else was an understatement. So many years locked up and only to find the most boring guy in the world.

He couldn't help but let out a sigh. He wondered, how were his brothers doing? Do they know he already escaped Hell? Are they on their way now?

This one human being can either bring peace... or bring war. Jeon Jungkook was in the middle of it all. He is the one who is fated to be with Lucifer, to break his heartless soul. None of the angels predicted that the would come.

Even God himself made it impossible for Lucifer to get out, yet here he is. Standing in his soulmate's room. Admiring his beautiful jet black hair, his skin that had a few pimples here and there but nonetheless beautiful.

How much he had longed for this night, but then again, his soulmate is nothing at all from what he had in mind. He thought his beloved would've at least have some bad qualities. But no, this man is an angel. Which Taehyung didn't like.

I was done fighting with those winged rats and now my soulmate turns out to be just like them?

A knock came from the bedroom door and Taehyung became invisible, he wasn't about to explain to anyone's parents on the reason he was visiting. Or see his beautiful prince's bodyguards.

Jungkook grumbled under his breath and cuddled against his pillow. "Jungkook?"

Taehyung's eyes narrowed, his jaw tightened, his fists clenched. He knew who had just arrived. His big brother Kim Seokjin. A winged rat.

Seokjin opened the door and stepped inside. "I know you're here Taehyung."

Taehyung reappeared and rolled his eyes. "Nice to see you too big bro." He said with zero enthusiasm. Seokjin nodded and walked around him. "You haven't changed a bit."

"I would say the same for yourself but I see you have Dad's mark."

Seokjin sighed. The mark was only seen by the angels and only angels. The mark is given by God to those who are worthy of his time and are a big part of the whole balance. "Sometimes I forget you're an angel." He said. Right on his forehead is a symbol of God. Like a tattoo imprinted on his forehead.

(Lmao sorry for the horrible edit

(Lmao sorry for the horrible edit. I did this @ 1 am and really tired)

"So you became Dad's favorite after I left?"

"Left?" Seokjin repeated, scoffing at the word. "You were kicked out of Heaven."

"Well are you going to arrest me officer or what?" Taehyung asked, sticking his arms out to his older brother who shoved them away. "I'm giving you a warning Taehyung. Leave before every brother and sister discover that you're here." The older spoke as he turned around, ready to walk away.

Taehyung looked surprised. "You think I'm scared of the little army Dad created for me?" Which caused Seokjin to pause for a second. Looking over his shoulder with a smirk, he said the next thing that caused Taehyung to cross his arms.

"You should be."

Then he continued walking, closing the door behind him. His footsteps carried on and down the stairs.

Taehyung raised a brow. Who the hell did Dad put in the army against me?

Taehyung turned back to see Jungkook still asleep. "How the hell can you sleep through that commotion?" He mumbled under his breath and snapped his fingers to teleport to his home.

"Maybe while I'm still in this so beautiful world, why not raise a little..." He swiftly held his hand out that was ignited with fire. "Hell."



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