The 'T' Bomb

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Shopping with Lucy was tiring to say the least, once she got into her head that I was going to go see Jim when I got home she wouldn’t stop shoving clothes into my hands – some of which made me blush hugely.

To be honest, I was kind of looking forward to seeing Jim again... after what Lucy said I figure that she has to be right. Why waste time worrying when the guy is literally meant for me and me for him? It seemed stupid to me to deny it anymore because the longer I’m away from him and the harder I fight the more I seem to want everything with Jim.

No one ever said that I couldn’t be with him while I get know him, that way it keeps him happy, plus our wolves and I feel like I’m not rushing in like an idiot. It seems the win win situation. I wasn’t sure when I’d actually see him again though since my Dad had made me promise to be back home for four so that he could have this talk with me about something. He seemed pretty serious and the last thing I want to do is piss him off when we’ve finally patched things up, even if it is to see Jim.

We went home separately so that neither of our packs saw us together – how Fletcher and Lucy manage to keep their relationship a secret is beyond me but obviously very well done... if Fletcher was going to stay instead of going to college I might actually have made him my Beta, I wonder if Lucy could stay then? I’d let her... I should look into some pack law books I see my Dad poring over so often.

Fletcher got me home at a quarter to four – he sped like a mad man so that my Dad wouldn’t blame my being late on him, he is so cute – I still can’t believe he’s afraid of my Dad. Waving goodbye to Fletcher he drove out of the drive and away again back home while I dragged my haul over to the front door; my bank card took a serious hit today.

Once I made it inside I sighed in relief and left my bags by the side of the door, deciding I’d carry them upstairs later when hopefully I wouldn’t feel so lazy. Yawning widely I carried on down the hallway and stopped in front of my Dad’s study, knocking lightly and opening the door when I heard a ‘come in’.

My Dad was sat behind his desk with a smile. “Two minutes early”.

“Thank Fletcher for that... Dad I know you want to talk and everything but I’m seriously beat, can we maybe stall this until tomorrow”?

“You want to get back into school don’t you”?

“Oh, uh sure ok”. I walked in and sat down on the chair in front of his desk and sat there waiting for him to speak, while he sat watching his wrist watch in silence. I cannot believe I had to come here to sit in silence, I could be napping.  I leant my head back on the seat and closed my eyes, seriously almost gone when the door to the office opened again.

My eyes shot open at the scent that came with gust from the door, Jim. My wolf started her whining again, the only thing I could do to shut her up was assure her that I was going to talk to Jim about us if my Dad left us alone at some point.

I was kind of surprised that he was here since my Dad had made a point about wanting to talk to me about something important which I just found out is school; did Dad not tell Jim that he had to talk to me?

To my surprise Jim sat down in the chair next to me opposite my Dad’s desk and my heart lodged itself in my throat. Please don’t tell me that Dad in all his infinite wisdom has found out about us and school was just a trick to keep me here.

Dad looked up at Jim from his watch then. “Two minutes late” he chided, Jim rolled his eyes.

“Sorry Rick, lost track of time”.

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