♱Chapter 37♱

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Raven's P•O•V

I faced the door to my room, staring at it for a brief second while I tried to block out the memories of the last time I had been in there. With the guards at my door staring aimlessly ahead, I tried to feel secure but knew that only Alec could truly make me feel safe.

The thought of him made my stomach churn as the two men opened the doors to my room. I walked in with a heavy heart and didn't care to look around and recollect. I went straight to my bed and collapsed. I sat on the edge with my head in my hands, fingers lacing through my hair and tugging at it as I recalled everything they told me.


"The blade carried some kind of dark magic. When used on Alec it released its power and now it seems to be poisoning him from the inside out..." Vega's friend, Nicolae, who had been called for his specialty in medicine and the study of witchcraft, told us. We all stood outside Alec's door, listening to Nicolae in dread. I felt my heart ache with a pain that settled deep inside of me as he kept talking.

"It's spreading from the wound out, seemingly replacing his blood. The only positive is that the wound didn't delve deep enough to get straight to his heart..." Nicolae explained. I perked my head up and looked at him with a small bit of hope.

"You're saying we can fix it?" I asked the question everyone was scared to ask. Nicolae looked down briefly and sighed.

"I'm saying it hasn't gotten directly to his heart yet. So he has more time..." He killed my hope and all of our faces fell.

I looked towards Alec's door and could hear him roaring in pain behind it. Irina and Piper cried as they held each other. I felt faint and dropped to my knees, only for Dimitri to catch me before I fell to the ground. I looked up to him and saw the pain in his eyes reflecting mine.

{End Flashback}

More time, I thought. They expected Alec to die from this.

I held onto the bedpost, my body numb at the thought of losing Alec. I had just started to live happily with him. I just got back to him a little over a week ago... Now he was going to die.

Who knew, out of the two of us, the immortal one was going to die...

I got up and went into my bathroom. I shut the door behind me and pressed my back against it, shutting my eyes, tears streaming down my cheeks. I stripped off my clothes that felt like they were suffocating me and turned the dial to start the shower.

I tried not to look at myself in the mirror for too long. If I did, I would notice how sick I looked. I sure felt sick.

I stepped into the shower and tried to keep my composure. It felt like my heart had to force itself to beat through the pain. Soon enough I gave up trying to not cry and ended up at the bottom of the shower sobbing, hand cupped over my mouth so the guards outside couldn't hear me. Even though they probably could, I couldn't keep it suppressed.

Shaking at the bottom of the shower, sobbing my heart out for a good hour and a half, I ended up somewhat washing myself and got out. I wrapped the towel around my body and left the bathroom.

The rain outside streamed down the glass balcony doors, coating the glass as it stormed outside. I looked away, not wanting to remember how this all started.

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