Never let them sense your fear

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She felt jitters run through her body as she stared at the full moon out side. The sun roof was up in the black limo she sat in, her back rested against the cool leather. She sighed as butterflies fluttered in her stomach, a voice in her ear shook her out of her stupor.

She nearly shrieked, relaxing slightly when she realized it was just Emily. Her voice had a calm, even tone to it. It was soothing, and her nerves calmed as she listened, "Okay Arizona you're almost there, Joshua has just arrived, and Nick is slightly behind you. I'm connecting your ear pieces so you can hear everything everyone else says, and we can hear you. How ever, if you ever need to turn off all the talking there's a switch on your ear piece. We can still hear you though, for security purposes."

She nodded, running her hand through her hair, a nervous habit she had recently developed. All her thoughts were overwhelming her, she couldn't sort them out. Arizona wondered what it would be like to see the family who had caused her fathers death, the family that caused her life to work out the way it did. In a way one of her reasons for doing this was to regain control. These people did not deserve to have so much influence on her life, this was her life and she would take it back. 

She heard a slight click in her ear, and immediately she heard Nicks voice pop through. He seemed to be humming to him self. Arizona chuckled softly, he sounded startled, and slightly annoyed, "Geez they could give me  a warning! How ya doing kiddo?"

From the lack of sound on Joshuas end, she assumed he hadn't been fed through yet. She hesitated before whispering, "I don't know if I can do this Nick.."

On the opposite end, Nick smiled, "Everything's going to be fine… Honestly Arizona, you're the craziest chick I've ever met." He was completely serious as he spoke. 

Arizona jumped to protest, but he continued before she could, "You're loud, clumsy, annoying…. and strangely talented. You're smart, sweet, got a killer shot as I hear, and not to mention you're hot. Use all those things to your advantage. Never let them sense your fear, you're kick ass and don't let any one ever forget it." Arizona felt like socking him, and hugging him all at the same time.  

Nerves still jittered through her, but her mind set was slightly better. If Nick believed in her than she could do it.. right? 

"Remember I'm gonna be here for you, I got your back okay?"

She managed to breathe, a quiet, 'Thanks.', before she felt the limo grind to a halt. She took a deep breathe, letting out all her insecurities, fears, and nerves. She breathed in the sweet smell of confidence. She let it melt into every pore of her body. Nicks voice came into her mind, reassuring of her of what she was telling her self, "You'll be fine."

The limo door slowly opened, and the hand of the limo driver reached in. Arizona set her hand firmly in his, sure that she could feel it shaking. 

As she began to get out, she figured she might as well do it movie style. She put one leg out first, her stiletto hitting the ground, followed by her  long leg, and eventually all of her. As she stepped out of the limo, many stopped and wondered who this women was. Inside she was shaking, but on the outside, her face was fierce, her body strong and unwavering. She radiated confidence, and she walked like she owned the world.

Joshuas voice came into her head then, "Why who is that women in that stunning red dress?"

She resisted the urge to giggle and kept walking towards the door. Couples walked arm in arm up the stone steps into what looked like a magnificent mansion. She wished that Joshua could be next to her, holding her hand in his as he always did.

Lamborginis and porches were parked around the curved driveway. Flowers popped up across the lawn, it was so beautiful she could tell it was professionally landscaped. As her limo pulled away she noticed the fountain out front, it was lit up and looked beautiful. 

She made it to the large mahogany doors, as she stepped through the threshold a man in a suit ask, "Name?" He was large and a tad scary, but Arizona kept her composure. She wondered if Emily had known about this, worries raced through her head. She managed to mumble, "Sophia. Sophia Taylor." For a moment Arizona couldn't remember her name, but just as she was about to give in to panic she remembered. The bulky man nodded, motioning her into the other room. 

A sparkling chandelier hung above and many bodies filled the room. Young and old, but they all looked extremely wealthy. She wondered how many criminals were in the room with her. She stood there for a moment, searching the sea of faces for any she recognized. She noticed Joshua leaning against a wall, staring out a window. 

Arizona made no signs of recognizing him, she did her best to turn and walk around the room. A waiter came up to her with a tray of champagne, "Would you like a drink?" She nodded and took the bubbling liquid off the tray, nodding a thanks. As he walked toward another party guest a glint in his ear caught her eye. He seemed to have a ear piece in also. 

Joshua from across the room, was watching Arizona. He registered her surprise and whispered, "Security. Not one of ours." 

She gave a slight smile and turned away. It was amazing how his lips never moved when he spoke, must take some practice. She pondered on he waiter, it was a sneaky idea. A security guard who mingled with guests, watching for any threats. The fact that they had put so much planning into tonight put her that much more on edge. 

Arizona knew they had to come up with something about the planned attacks. From what Joshua had told her, the meeting of the world leaders was quickly approaching. The Secret Intelligence Service knew little about how they planned to do it, who would be carrying out the plan, what they would look like, they were mostly going in blind. To stop such an event from happening they needed more information. The best they could do with out any details was just increase security. Arizona had a feeling that if they had been planning for this for 20 years, increased security wouldn't be enough to stop them. 

She heard some one mumble in her ear, "Here." she assumed it was Nick and her idea was confirmed when she saw him walk in. She decided it would be best to mingle, instead of standing around looking suspicious. The only problem was she didn't know any one in the room besides Joshua and Nick. Starting conversations with strangers wasn't exactly a talent of hers, in fact it always ended rather awkwardly for both sides. 

Arizona concluded that it would be best to go talk to Nick or Joshua, since Nick was closer she decided on him. As she casually made her way over to him, she scanned the guests. Taking in faces and connecting them to the few names she knew. In the corner, tailing was Carmello Estavez, an arms dealer. He was an older man, but had fiery eyes and looked like he could stop a train. Her eyes rested on faces, connecting them with names, occupations, and lifestyles. The few she knew were ingrained in her memory.

From across the room, music drifted into her ears. A violinist, a cellist, and a few others were playing a song. They all wore tuxes and played extremely well. She resisted the urge to start dancing the waltz as the lively music filled her head. A slight murmur filled the room as people socialized. Everyone at the party was elegantly dressed. Arizona felt out of place, as if everyone could see through the fake wall she had put up. She never dressed like this- a beautiful dress, beautiful hair. She was more a jeans and a pony tail girl. However, no one seemed to notice her as she slid throughout the crowd. None but one. 

Across the room Julian Bradley was watching the stranger. His eyes scanned her body- her long, golden legs, the slit in her dress, the curve of her waist. He drank it all in, his eyes resting on her chest longer than needed. Julian noticed how her dark hair plummeted across her shoulders like a waterfall, he craved to touch those luscious curls. Finally his eyes rested on her face, he wished to force her red lips against his and make her his. He thought about stealing her away, to his private room.

He got everything and anyone he wanted, and he wanted her. As this thought entered his mind, her fierce green eyes connected with his. His stare bore into hers, refusing to look away. The girl never looked away either, each waiting for the other to give in. 

Because Arizona was staring down the son of the man who killed her father, she didn't even notice the woman in front of her, until she ran head first into her. 


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