Never let them sense your fear

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She felt jitters run through her body as she stared at the full moon out side. The sun roof was up in the black limo she sat in, her back rested against the cool leather. She sighed as butterflies fluttered in her stomach, a voice in her ear shook her out of her stupor.

She nearly shrieked, relaxing slightly when she realized it was just Emily. Her voice had a calm, even tone to it. It was soothing, and her nerves calmed as she listened, "Okay Arizona you're almost there, Joshua has just arrived, and Nick is slightly behind you. I'm connecting your ear pieces so you can hear everything everyone else says, and we can hear you. How ever, if you ever need to turn off all the talking there's a switch on your ear piece. We can still hear you though, for security purposes."

She nodded, running her hand through her hair, a nervous habit she had recently developed. All her thoughts were overwhelming her, she couldn't sort them out. Arizona wondered what it would be like to see the family who had caused her fathers death, the family that caused her life to work out the way it did. In a way one of her reasons for doing this was to regain control. These people did not deserve to have so much influence on her life, this was her life and she would take it back. 

She heard a slight click in her ear, and immediately she heard Nicks voice pop through. He seemed to be humming to him self. Arizona chuckled softly, he sounded startled, and slightly annoyed, "Geez they could give me  a warning! How ya doing kiddo?"

From the lack of sound on Joshuas end, she assumed he hadn't been fed through yet. She hesitated before whispering, "I don't know if I can do this Nick.."

On the opposite end, Nick smiled, "Everything's going to be fine… Honestly Arizona, you're the craziest chick I've ever met." He was completely serious as he spoke. 

Arizona jumped to protest, but he continued before she could, "You're loud, clumsy, annoying…. and strangely talented. You're smart, sweet, got a killer shot as I hear, and not to mention you're hot. Use all those things to your advantage. Never let them sense your fear, you're kick ass and don't let any one ever forget it." Arizona felt like socking him, and hugging him all at the same time.  

Nerves still jittered through her, but her mind set was slightly better. If Nick believed in her than she could do it.. right? 

"Remember I'm gonna be here for you, I got your back okay?"

She managed to breathe, a quiet, 'Thanks.', before she felt the limo grind to a halt. She took a deep breathe, letting out all her insecurities, fears, and nerves. She breathed in the sweet smell of confidence. She let it melt into every pore of her body. Nicks voice came into her mind, reassuring of her of what she was telling her self, "You'll be fine."

The limo door slowly opened, and the hand of the limo driver reached in. Arizona set her hand firmly in his, sure that she could feel it shaking. 

As she began to get out, she figured she might as well do it movie style. She put one leg out first, her stiletto hitting the ground, followed by her  long leg, and eventually all of her. As she stepped out of the limo, many stopped and wondered who this women was. Inside she was shaking, but on the outside, her face was fierce, her body strong and unwavering. She radiated confidence, and she walked like she owned the world.

Joshuas voice came into her head then, "Why who is that women in that stunning red dress?"

She resisted the urge to giggle and kept walking towards the door. Couples walked arm in arm up the stone steps into what looked like a magnificent mansion. She wished that Joshua could be next to her, holding her hand in his as he always did.