Chapter 18

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Looking back I couldn't see Azreal or any of the others. Taking in a breath I looked around my surroundings as I walked across the border. I saw that I was on the northern border about 10 miles from the pack house. I started to walk in the direction of the pack house.

My heart was pounding in my chest as I thought over the plan once more. When Azreal had first told me I had been disgusted and against it. But the more we tired to come up with another plan the origial ended up being the best one.

I picked up the pace trying to put as much space between me and Azreal before the patrol comes. The farther I got from him the more my heart clenched. I wish we would have marked but Azreal said that Ian would never believe my story then.

My heart started pounding against my ribs as I heard foot falls in the distance. Before I could even turn the patrol burst through the woods Ian leading it. He was in human form and when he saw me his eyes widened in shock. Behind him was Jason. I almost lunged at him but I gritted my teeth and held myself back. I had to stay in charter.

"Ian!" I screeched and jumped into his arms. He stumbled surprised at the sudden extra weight. But he quickly stabbed him self and held me to him in a tight embrace.

He set his head against mine and breathed in my set. I held my breath hoping it would work. Three.... two.... one. He shoved me away from him and snarled.

"What the fuck is that mutts sent doing on you?" He growled.

I bit back my snarl at his comment towards Azreal.

"He took me again. He claimed me, he was going to mark me I was lucky I got away!" I said with a cry trying to make myself look as innocent and scared as I could.

I watched Ian's face closely for any reaction at all. I saw his eyes harden and his upper lip curl. He looked me up and down, examining me.

"How" he said with a low voice.

"During your speech I felt sick so I was going back to the pack house. I was almost there when someone grabbed me from behind. I had a bag thrown over me and I was knocked out."

He let out a snarl at that and I just took in a breath calming my racing heart.

"Before I knew it I was back at the pack house. And that's when he told me about his plans to take down the light pack. And he said he was going to mark me even against my will." I said with a snarl at the last part remembering a conversation from weeks ago. I'm so going to kick his furry little ass when I get home for that one.

"Evelyn did he hurt you?" Ian said with a disconcerting calm voice.

"No I got away. I just want to go home Ian please, please just take me home" I begged to him.

"Come on then Eve let's get you home." Ian said with a sigh as he lifted his arm.

Knowing what to do I slipped under it and wrapped my arm around his waist as he rested his across my shoulders. He pulled me close into his side as we walked back to the pack house.

I looked back over my shoulder in the direction of Aareal and my pack. But Jason was standing there. Literally standing between me and my mate, and pack. I let out a small growl at that as I walked back to the pack house with Ian.


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