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Pen Your Pride

Chapter Eight - Part 2

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Chapter Eight – Part 2


Jenny’s POV

He showed me around all the basic parts of the hotel, you know like the lobby, the kitchen, the restaurant, the laundry room and the employee lounge – which is huge! It has everything from a 40 inch TV hanging on the wall to its own personal kitchen. He showed me how to get around the hotel and which routes are shortest, along with all the fire exits, though he didn’t really seem bothered. It didn’t trouble me though because it’s not like I was even paying attention. I was too busy watching him, though I don’t think he actually realised.

‘So, do you think you will remember that?’ I shrugged ‘I mean you’ve practically memorised every inch of my body’ he said with a smirk, which caused my eyes to go wide, chuckling he continued ‘I saw you staring, plus the drool on your chin is a dead giveaway.’ Drool? Instinctively I wiped my chin and then immediately regretted it when he started laughing ‘ actually…ha-ha, I guess I am drool worthy in your eyes then’

Scoffing I replied ‘puh-lease my dog is better looking than you’ sobering up he replied ‘maybe we are more similar than you think’ what’s that look about? I thought he was a little too serious about it and was ready to question him, when he winked then turned and walked down the hall way ‘come on, let’s go meet your co-workers’ I quickly followed him, I had to run to keep up and when I asked him to slow down he just chuckled and walk faster, teasing me. Man, how is he so fast?

 We finally arrived back at the employee lounge, but it was packed full of people. Oh, right its lunch, everyone is on a break. Awe, it was nice, the atmosphere was different to other work places, more relaxed and friendly. Everyone was talking, there was no social dividend. Everyone was really close, like a family.

Jason tried dragging me forward but I froze in the doorway ‘what’s wrong?’ he asked. Chewing on my lip, I looked down and mumbled ‘what if they don’t like me?’ his silence panicked me, so I looked up to find him giving me a genuine smile ‘Jenny, don’t worry. You’re amazing and I can promise you, that they will like you. You’ll fit right in.’ he thinks I’m amazing? I asked myself trying to keep my grin at bay; luckily Jason was already pulling me forward and didn’t see my face.  But if he thinks I’m amazing, does that mean he likes me? I wonder if he’s single.

‘Hey Jasey Wasey, I haven’t seen you all week. Where you been baby?’ a screechy voice said, for a second I thought it might have been my sister Suzy but turning around I realised this girl was about my age, but her whole appearance screamed SLUT!! She had bleached hair that reached her waist and dark brown eyes, with full pink lips and a small nose. I must admit he was beautiful, but the thick layer of makeup, her clothing, which showed way too much, and her whore-ish attitude, hid it well. It wasn’t until she pushed me to the side, and started trailing her hand up and down Jason’s arm, that I realised how much she towered over me, although I think that was partly, if not mostly, due to the six inch black stilettos her feet were clamped in. Seriously, who the hec wears them to work? Well, obviously her, but I’m talking about normal respective citizens in the community, not grade A sluts.

Jason cleared his throat uncomfortably and pushed her hand off him. Thank all that is mighty, because I was about to do that myself, for some reason it really irked me that she had her hands on him. ‘Erm Jenny, this is Rachel one of the other waitresses. Rachel this is Jenny, she’s new. Be nice.’ That really sounded like a warning, and for some reason it made Jason seem even hotter and as his gaze caught mine, I was stuck, unable to look away. But of course, the moment was ruined by none other than Rachel. ‘Hey bitch, don’t stare at my boyfriend like that!’ she screeched. Boyfriend? Crap. I didn’t even consider that, but I guess with the way she talked to him it kind of made sense. Even if it did hurt.

‘Whoa, wait a sec, Rachel you are NOT my girlfriend. Never were, never will be’ Jason exclaimed, followed by Rachel’s whining ‘But Baby. You and I belong together. Not you and that worthless slut’ oh hell no, who is she calling a slut? I looked around for anyone else before I came to the conclusion that she was talking about me. I stepped forward and lifted my chin, so I made eye contact with her. ‘Who are you calling slut, bitch? I highly suggest you look in the mirror before confronting others. No one and I mean, no one, talk to me like that and I don’t give a donkeys ass who you are’ the room was silent as she glared at me before responding ‘you bitch, you think you can just walk in here an…’

‘Leave it Rachel. Now’ Jason cut in, and I was surprised to see Rachel listen to him, threatening me to watch my back before walking out, but of course I had to have the last word, so I said ‘oh and Rachel darling’ catching her attention as she turned around to face me ‘you got a little something in your teeth’ I said with a smirk as she ran out the room with a shocked face and a hand over her mouth. Easy way to deal with a slut, comment on their appearance, they are so vain, anything will upset them.

The room was still silent as I turned around, with everyone focused on me. I bit my lip and looked down, through worry and nerves. Maybe I went too far, I mean she was right. I am new and I just insulted one of these people’s friends. I might as well quit now to save myself from ridicule. The sound of someone laughing and clapping their hands caught my attention and I looked up to see a guy about 19 years old I would say, laughing and walking towards me. He had brown shaggy hair and noticeable muscles under his shirt. Yeah, I would totally date him, but I must say Jason is a tonne hotter.

‘That was an epic entrance. Welcome to the family babe’ he said with a smile, instantly easing my worries. At least I know one person likes me after that little disagreement.


So, yeah short I know, but hey at east it’s something. Plus this is a much quicker update than was expected, so don’t kill me if it’s bad. I also know not a lot is happening ATM but I wanted to introduce the characters before I complicate the story. Jason's POV next!

Anyway, enjoy!

And comment, fan, vote and promote! You know, if you want to. No pressure. DO IT!! Ha-ha jokes.



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