Chapter Eight: Only Hope

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Helllooooo readers!! Quick author's note here!! I know you probably didn't expect this spontaneous author's note to appear outta nowhere (heck I'd be surprised!!), but this is IMPORTANT!!!!! As many of you might know, Fairy Tail ended like last week or something (yes, I know I'm late on this A/N). Maybe some of you are expecting me to end this book cuz Fairy Tail is done... but nooooo. Trust me, i'll never leave my readers hanging, no matter what. Fairy Tail will live on, through this fanfic, I tell ya! Oh, and good news! This little author here has heard that Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail's creater, and btw, I'm not taking credit for his awesome work!) will be continuing Fairy Tail via anime. I think like a new season or something other. Like I said, I'm not entirely sure, but I think it's coming out in 2018. Also, Hiro Mashima might be doing a sequel to the manga series (I really hope so!!).

!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!: (if you don't like spoilers, and you haven't finished the manga series of Fairy Tail, don't read on!!) At the end, Nalu doesn't exactly happen because Mr. Mashima didn't sail the ship!! I mean, Lucy goes on and hugs Natsu, but Natsu doesn't... ya know... kiss her!! I was so effing pissed when I saw it!!! >.< :(

Y'all probably like, "Shaddup and get on with the effing chapter already!!" Okay, okay, geez! ON WITH CHAPTER EIGHT!!

Lucy's POV
Her voice was abruptly cut off when she saw me. "Lucy?!"

That's when I finally recognized her. Tears threatened to fall from my eyes. "M-Mama?!"

I ran to her, sobbing as I did. She had tears running down her face as well, but then she realized something. "Wait- no Lucy!!" Too late, I hugged her, but it was like hugging air.

I looked at her, shocked, with my tear-stricken face. "N-nani?"

Her face was full of regret and sadness. I'd realized that all the dragons quietly left to give us some privacy, except Star. "Why can't I touch you?" I stuttered.

She sighed, and her face seemed to age ten more years, as if the weariness had caught up with her beauty. "Lucy, I had so much that I didn't get to tell you before I died."

I took a step back from her, shock still evident on my face. "N-No... you're not dead... I refuse to believe you're dead!!"

She smiled, but there was no warmth. "My dear child, it's about time you've excepted the truth. This is only an astral body, quite like the one your first master, Mavis had. Although you can still see us, we are merely just remains of our bodies."

I shook as sobs racked my body. "I don't care about Fairy Tail! I just want my mama back.."

Star's POV

The poor child, I thought. I sent her a sympathetic glance, but she didn't seem to notice. Then I changed back to human form and turned to Queen Layla.

"Your majesty, what about the throne?" I whispered. "The crown-" Layla-sama shot me a warning look. Not here, in front of Lucy. We shall speak of this later.

Then Layla turned to her daughter, reaching for her hand, but passing right through it. "Right," she muttered as she retracted her hands. "Lucy, I have much to tell you, let's take a walk in the royal gardens."

Lucy nodded, tears still streaked across her face. I sighed, then walked away. The crowning of a new queen was around the corner. And Lucy is the Queen.

Lucy's POV

When we got to the gardens, I realized that it was almost exactly like the one at the Heartfilia Estate, only five times bigger and prettier. In the middle stood a tall fountain, much like the one at home.

Mama seemed to read my thoughts. "Yes Lucy, I decided to model this garden after the one at home."

As she said home, her face turned wistful, as if she missed the days living there. "I do visit my grave sometimes, back at Earthland, and it's a good thing no one's noticed me so far." She laughed a quiet laugh.

"Do you ever miss Papa? Had you ever thought about me?" I looked at her to see that her eyes had filled with tears.

"Yes, with each and every day I've spent here, you had never left my thoughts. And you never will." I wanted to hug her, but I remembered that I couldn't touch her.

Suddenly, I grew angry at the thoughts of betrayal. She, my own mother, had abandoned me. "Then how come you've never visited?! You left me for trash! Do you know how hard it had been living in the same house as a blood-crazed papa?!"

She quivered, and at first, I thought she was mad at me for my crazy outburst. But then I realized that she was actually sobbing. "L-Lucy... do you know how many times I've tried?"

I stood, shell-shocked. She'd actually cared?

"B-But," she continued. "Fate wouldn't allow me to. It wasn't the right time to reveal everything. The great project..."

She stopped as if she was hiding something, then started again. "Never mind that. The important thing is you're here now, and I need to explain something that might change the future forever, so you must listen carefully."

I nodded, suddenly feeling scared. Only a moment ago, my mother had been crying, and now the look on her face tells me that she's dead serious. She smiled briefly at me, but there was no warmth in it. I knew that kind of smile, it was one that I used often to conceal nervousness, or sadness.

"It all started four hundred years ago, with our ancestor, Anna Heartfilia." She said solemnly. "She opened the eclipse gates to let the five young dragon slayers into the future."

I gasped. "You can't mean..."

"Yes," she looked at me. "Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, Sting, and Rouge, the dragon slayers you know."

"No!" I yelled. "Natsu can't be... FOUR HUNDRED YEARS OLD?!!"

She brushed my comment aside. "At any rate, to open the gates to the future, you would need both sides to be opened. Anna had one side, and I had the job of the other. Opening the gate is almost the same as closing the gate, and that would require all twelve celestial keys. Unfortunately, I was missing one more at that time, so I offered my life force as an exchange."

At my wide eyed look, she paused. "That's the real reason I died. If all it took to change the future for better was only one life, then the price is exceedingly cheep."

"And so, the gates were opened and the five dragonslayers arrived at the right time where the ethernanos were dense enough."

I interrupted, "But why did you have to open the gates?"

She had a grim look on her face as she said, "To defeat Acnologia."

"Wait," I said. "Hold up. You can't mean the Acnologia!! He's practically unbeatable!!"

"No," she murmured. "The five, now six, dragonslayers can do it."

"Six?" I asked, suddenly confused. I thought there were only five!

"Yes Lucy," Mama said, turning to me with a determined smile. "You, are the six dragon slayer."

I looked back at her, stunned. "N-no, I'm just a celestial wizard!"

"Lucy, we need as much help as we can get! And you, being que- princess of the dragons, must learn dragon slaying magic!"

I didn't like how quickly my life was changing. First Dragons, and now, this. "B-but-"

"No buts!" She said firmly. "You are our only hope."

Hey readers! I know there was a lot on info to keep up with, and I'm trying to stay within the manga story plot. Also this chapter was super boring, so next chapter will hopefully be better! Stay tuned till next time!! Baii <3


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