twenty-two ; darkness rising

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xxii. darkness rising

━ ❝ fight for him ❞

━ ❝ fight for him ❞

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BECAUSE HENRY WAS now convinced that he was going to save magic, Arabella was drawn from where she laid in the treehouse, staring at the ceiling. Her dark magic had retreated and she found herself wondering why she didn't regret hurting Wendy. Speaking of which, she now stood next to Henry as Pan laid Wendy onto a makeshift bed, pulling a blanket over her. The fire ignited in her veins once she saw the Darling brush her finger against his knuckle. But Pan ignored it, pulling on a sad face for the two.

"How is she?" Henry questioned with a tone full of worry. 

"I fear she's getting worse, Henry," Pan replied as he stood up.

Henry frowned, still looking thoughtful. "But if I save magic... she'll live?" He and Arabella both looked over at Pan. For the first time in a little while, she felt uncertainty about this plan. Not because it was dangerous, but because it didn't seem right. Something was missing, Pan wasn't being truthful about something.

"Yes," the said teenager told him. "But more than that, Henry. If you save magic, you'll save us all. But to do it, you have to truly believe."

Wendy coughed and Arabella rolled her eyes, shooting her a glare. Pan saw out of the corner of his eye and smirked a tad. Henry didn't notice the two adults practically fighting with their eyes behind him. The former princess gave him the finger right before the Mills boy spoke again. Her husband had winked at her, mouthing let me bite it. "I do. I do believe." Henry looked back at the two. Arabella smiled softly at him though she did step on Pan's foot. 

"Good," the leader forced out, pretending like nothing happened. "Because we don't have much time. Follow me." He led Henry away and Arabella glared back at Wendy, smirking darkly right after before following the two boys.

She stood back and watched as Pan went to a small elevated area and called out to the Lost Boys. "My brothers!" All of the lost boys turned around and paid attention. "Tonight, the dream of Neverland will awaken from its slumber. Tonight, the heart of the truest believer shall fulfill its destiny, and with it, our destiny. Tonight, Henry saves magic!"

They all cheered and Arabella got that feeling again. Like something was missing. But what? And so when everyone cleared out, going to celebrate, she hurried over to Pan and grabbed his hand. Henry stopped but the immortal boy told him to go ahead and that he'd catch up with him. Once the believer was gone, she sighed. "Is there something you aren't telling me?"

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