The Boy Next Door- Chapter 3

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Here is Chapter 3! :)

The Boy Next Door- Chapter 3

Hailey’s P.O.V.

 I woke up the next day to the sun shining brightly through my windows. I sighed, seeing the boxes I still had to unpack, then went downstairs to find Ty watching TV, with a bowl of Cheerios balanced on his lap.

 "Good morning!" He sang, too happily.

 "Mhm." I rubbed my eyes and went to the kitchen. I poured myself a bowl of Cheerios, then went back to the living room and sat next to Ty. He was watching a cartoon that involved a pig, a mouse, and a talking piece of cheese. Weirdo. Sometimes it felt like I was the older sibling.

 "Where are Mom and Brad?" I asked, slurping the milk from my bowl.

 "They'll be out all day, planning the wedding of their dreams." He said dramatically.

 "I should’ve known. Well, I'm gonna get dressed, then go explore the neighborhood."

 "Don't get lost."

 I rolled my eyes and went upstairs. I threw on a pair of denim shorts, and a simple white v-neck. I slid my pedicured feet into a pair of leather flip flops, and braided my hair. I put on my aviators and grabbed my phone.

 I walked down the street one way and went around the circle. While I was walking, Camille, my best friend back in New Jersey texted me.

 Hey Girlie! Why in the world haven't I heard from you?! I miss you TONS! CALL ME!!!

 I laughed and went to respond, but as soon as my thumb hit the keyboard I was flying through the air, with two tanned arms around me. We landed in the grass, and the arms let me go, allowing me to roll over to find that the person was the mystery boy from next door!

 "You okay?" He asked, standing up and extending a hand.

 "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks." I smiled and took his hand. He helped me up then went to retrieve his skateboard.

 "I’m really sorry, I didn’t want to hit you."

 "No worries, it’s my fault. I was just distracted." I gestured towards my phone.

 "It's okay, are you new around here?"

 "Yeah, my mom is marrying Brad." I sighed, pointing towards the house.

 "Ah, so your mom's the lucky lady. He's a pretty cool guy. You like him?"

 I laughed, "I barely know him."

 "Ahh, I understand. What's your name?" He smiled an adorably crooked smile.

 "I'm Hailey." I stuck my hand out for him to shake.

 "Hailey," He pondered, "I'm Colby." And he shook my hand.

 Colby invited me to go to the country club with him. Apparently everyone hung out there during the summer. He introduced me to his friends, Wilson and Carter as well as all of the cliques. They showed me who to stay away from. After we walked around for a while, Wilson and Carter had to leave, so we went to a playground on the beach and sat on the swings.

 "Where did you move from?" He asked.

 "New Jersey." I answered, missing my old home.

 "That’s where your accent comes from! Do people really act like Jersey Shore there?" He laughed.

"I do not have an accent! And NO!" I laughed, "Well, at least not the ones I hung out with."

 We sat in silence for a few minutes.

 "So, your parents are…divorced?"  He asked, quietly.

 "Uh, yeah." I swallowed, trying not to let the lump form in my throat. I still never understood why the topic made me so emotional. I had barely even bonded with my dad when I was little. The only memories I had came from pictures I had seen in old photo albums.

 "Same here. How old were you?"

 "Two, I don’t really remember when they were together." 

 "I was eleven, how often do you see your dad?"

 I looked away, swallowing again, it wasn't working. I didn't want Colby to think I was an emotional wreck, but why was he asking me all these questions?

 "I don't." I finally answered.

 He looked down, finally realizing he had hit a sensitive spot with me. "I'm sorry…we can talk about something else."

 "Thanks." I said, relieved. 

 "So do you, uh, play any sports?"

 "Gymnastics." I smiled, finally something I loved to talk about.

 "Like competitive?" He asked, suddenly excited about the talk of sports.

 "Yeah, well, I was on a competitive team in New Jersey."

 "Awesome! You should try out for a team around here!"

 "I would, but the season already started, I've done my research."

 "Oh, well there's always next year right?"

 "Yeah, but that's a long time to wait."

 Colby jumped off of the swing and led us back home. We walked back to our houses and said our goodbyes. When I got to my room, I looked out my window to see Colby on his laptop again, with his phone to his ear. He looked as though he was angry again, and finally ran his hand through this hair and hung up. He sat on his bed, looking at a picture frame for a while, then picked it up and put it in a drawer. I really wanted to know what was going on, but there was no way of asking without him knowing I'd been watching him. I sighed and put on a white tank top with yellow and white boxers. I went out to my balcony and wrapped a blanket around my arms. I looked at my phone. It had a small scratch from earlier, when Colby had saved me. The screen lit up, and there was a text message from him.

 i see u 

I looked around until I saw Colby, standing in front of his window, shirtless again, with the same sweatpants I'd seen the night before. I smiled and waved. Then I responded.

 i see u 2 :)

 I watched as he looked at his phone and laughed, then quickly replied. He asked me to come downstairs and go to the gate in my backyard. I didn't know what he was talking about, but when I got to the backyard I saw him standing there, in an empty spot in the fence.

 "Hey." He smiled, leading me into his yard.

 "Hey." I followed him into his house and upstairs to his room. That's when I realized I was wearing my pajamas. I felt my cheeks redden, but sighed a sigh of relief when I remembered he was wearing his as well. I looked around his room. From my room, I couldn't see the dog bed, or the dog on the other side of his bed. The dog's name was Lucky, and he was a Border collie. We just sat and talked for a while, about nothing. Soon, Colby's little sister walked in, and whispered something in Colby's ear. He pulled her onto his lap and laughed.

 "I know." He said, whispering loud enough for me to hear.

 She whispered something else.

 He laughed and she slid off his lap. He pushed her out the door with his foot, laughing.

 "What?" I asked.

 "She thinks you're very pretty." He laughed.

 "And you think that's funny?" I grunted.

 "I said I know, didn't I?"

 I felt myself blush.

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