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Wattpad Name: TullahBishop

Real Names: Tullah Jade, Tutu, or TJ

First story on wattpad: A collection of a month of poems.

Inspires me to write: The world, the things I see everyday and the authors that inspire me with their work.

Favorite genre: Humor and Mystery.

What made me choose my username: My name and my love for Peter Bishop.

Do I plan to release more stories: Of course I have a lot of ideas and am writing multiple stories now.

Link to story I'd like to advertise: http://www.wattpad.com/story/1144230-where-are-they

If I could inspire my fans and fellow newcomers in wattpad I would say: If writing is what you love you don't have to worry about how many views and votes that you have as long as you're happy with your work.

My dream for my stories here on Wattpad: The only dream I have for my stories is that I keep writing no matter what. That I can read something over and be like "I'm proud of this piece"

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