The Boy Next Door- Chapter 1

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Hey guys :)

This is the first chapter of The Boy Next Door! Please let me know what you think of it in the comments! :)

The Boy Next Door- Chapter 1

Hailey's P.O.V.

I looked out of the window at my unfamiliar surroundings and sunk down into the soft leather seats of my mom's SUV. I'd lived in the same house my entire life, a small cottage in a friendly town. It was always just me, my mom and my older brother. Now everything would change. New school, new friends, and worst of all, a new family. I hated my mom's company. They just had to go and send her to that stupid business conference where she met Brad. Now they were in love and "determined to make things work". I guess "making things work" meant my mom deciding to move us all the way across the country from our cute little house, to this snobby suburb.

I looked to my big brother, Tyler.

"It's gonna be fine." He mouthed, patting my leg.

I shook my head and turned back towards the window. Sure it'll be fine. I rolled my eyes as we pulled into the driveway of a gated community. SERIOUSLY?! A gated community? How preppy could you get?! My mom entered the entrance code, and drove up to a huge house...more like a mansion compared to the small bungalow we had back in New Jersey. It was at least two stories, maybe three. The front was covered with bricks and tan wood paneling. The roof covered in dark brown shingles. The wooden doors and big windows completed the facade. It was beautiful, sure, but definitely not my style.

I slowly opened the door and hopped out. We were instantly greeted by Brad, who went straight to my mom to pick her up and spin her around. Disgusting. Could this get any cheesier? Tyler ran his hand through his messy blond hair and looked away. He was old enough to remember our dad. I was only two when our parents split up, Tyler was six. Dad had been an alcoholic and my mom couldn't deal with him anymore, so they got a divorce. Mom always had full custody of us because our dad was an alcoholic and I never saw him after the divorce. Tyler visited Dad often, but I never went. I was scared. I knew Tyler wanted me to go with him. I knew he didn't want Brad to take the place of our real dad. He didn't like seeing mom with Brad, or any guy for that matter. He was glad that she was finally happy, but he definitely wished it wasn't our soon-to-be-stepfather who made her that way.

"Come on in guys, I'll show you around." Brad smiled, showing off his way too perfect teeth.

We followed Brad through the big, wooden front doors. They revealed a large living room, with a baby grand piano in the corner. The walls were a light tan color, which seemed to claim every wall in the house.

"You two can go up and choose your rooms. Ours is down here." I nodded and followed Tyler upstairs. I walked into a room with a big window and a balcony on one side. There was a wall of bookshelves and a fireplace on the other.

"I get this one!" Tyler called from the next room. I followed his voice and entered a big room with wood flooring. The room was divided in half by a loft. It was perfect for Ty. I went back to my room and set my bag on the floor, then looked out the window. The moving van was here.

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