Chapter 9

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 Chapter 9

It was Friday night. I decided to send my dad another email, since he hasn’t replied to my last one. I guess he was just busy or something.

I started typing:

Hey dad,

It’s me again, Talia. You haven’t reply to any of my last emails! I miss you VERY much. Things are going well here with mom and me.

Ok, I know that most of this wasn’t true but I can’t actually tell him I know he’s not my real dad…that thought was still haunted me. We got along so well and now it’s like we are strangers. I went on typing trying to ignore the back of my head.

Well…the daycare closed but mom will find another job! She’s having an interview next week. And she got me a job for the weekend, since the holiday is near. Just two more weeks and I can have a good rest, maybe you can try and visit.

Now that I think of it, I haven’t seen my dad in like 8 months…that’s long.

Juliet left school but we’re still in contact. Lizzy and I really miss her. Speaking of which, schools going well…I’m improving in some of the subjects…you’d be proud of me!

Please reply, I really miss you…dad.


I pressed ‘enter’ and away went the message. I sat there for a while, thinking about everything that’s happened. Suddenly everything was thrown into chaos. First I’m happy and enjoying my life and the next thing I hear that I’m most likely to be an orphan and when I was younger experiments were done to me and actually caused me to read minds! A lot has happened and it all bothered me but the one thought that completely scared me was that I didn’t know my real parent…or I’m an orphan.

I tried to avoid those thoughts and my mind traveled to the holiday, since it was only two weeks away…exams starts this week. I hate to be reminded of that but at least there’s no homework…accept learning.

My mother told me that I’d be only working Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at the coffee shop and not full time, since I’m in school. Well, that seems fair and I get to keep a fair amount of the payment as pocket money.  Liz will probably come to the coffee shop and keep me company; she doesn’t seem to have better things to do.

To tell you the truth…I’m a bit scared. I mean I’m not an extrovert…maybe not entirely an introvert but mostly quiet and minding my own business. With Lizzy of course I’m comfortable but I won’t be taking her orders at the coffee shop. I guess I’ll have to practice on that one…

Since there wasn’t much to do and the sun was setting I decided to take a walk, my mom wouldn’t mind. I walked to her room. Again to find her with a thick novel in her hands, Jane Eyre. I knocked softly.

“Hey, mom” I said walking and standing next to her bed. She positioned herself in a half laying, half sitting form.

“Yes?” She looked up from her book.

“I’m going for a walk, won’t be long, the park.”

“Sure, I think I’ll rest tonight and order some pizza” My mom smiled, “So don’t be late, I know you love pizza!”

“Thanks mom! I won’t” I gave her a hug and went to my room. I pulled on my dark blue jacket and went out the door for a relaxing walk.

The air was chilled but I felt warm enough under the material of my jacket. The sun was far in the west; in a few minutes it’ll start setting.