Hope you guys like this one, it gives a lot more detail and I've added something from Christian's P.OV.

Christian's P.O.V

     I woke up the next day, very early and Emily was laying on top of me. I wanted to shower but at the same time I did not want to wake her because she looked so peaceful asleep. I moved her and hoped that she did not get up; she didn't.

     I went into the shower and turned the water on, the cold water hitting me right in the face. I thought about all that had happened since I had met my mate. She was like no other girl in the world- beauty and brains. She was genuine, funny, sweet, thoughtful and she was hotter than any other girl I had ever met. Her eyes were a gorgeous brown and she had beautiful, silky hair.

     Her insecurities hurt me and I literally wanted to kill her father for all that he had done to her and on top of it all he was a Rogue! I scoffed, mentally. I mean, it was bad enough that he was a psycopath who abused someone as magnificent as Emily but to be... Rogue. Awful!

   I raked a hand through my hair and frowned. When I had first met Emily, she smelled... powerful. Like she had Alpha blood, but that couldn't be true; since her dad was a Rogue. Alpha's did not go Rogue. Especially not one with a scent so powerful that it eminated from his daughter from across a room. Upclose, she smelled ordinary though. She did not look powerful. If anything... she was weak.

   I stepped out of the shower and frowned. That did not make any sense. How could she smell powerful far away and upclose be nothing but a weak, scared ex-Rogue? Plus, she had a really weird tattoo on her lower back. It was a silver sun that glowed in the dark. It looked so familiar, I had to ask her about it sometime.

    I looked around for my towel and clothes but realised in my haste to leave the room I had not brought any. I sighed and opened the bedroom door. When I looked around, Emily was gone. I immediately felt panicked. Before I could even make a move to go look for her, the bedroom door swung open.

   It was Emily, she was wrapped in a towel but as soon as she saw me, her jaw dropped and she fled from the room.

Emily's P.O.V

     I opened the bedroom door and expected Christian to still be in the shower. But he wasn't. He was standing in the middle of the room... naked. I gasped in shock and closed the door. But not before I took him in.

     Gorgeous... absolutely gorgeous. Toned, tan, six-pack. I could have stood there all day thinking about him, but I was starting to feel cold after my warm bubble-bath. Problem was... I had no clothes except the ones I had worn last night. I looked at them in my hand and sighed. Guess I'll just have to put them on.

    As, I was about to go into one of the guest rooms to change, I heard a girl's voice coming up the staircase. "Christian? Are you home?" I froze.

    "Christian...?" The girl had now reached the top of the srairs. She was about my height and build but  had long blonde hair and grey eyes just like Christian's. She must have been his sister, Maia.

   "Ohh..'' we both said.

     "I'm Maia." she said.

       "Emily," I replied, "I would shake your hand but... I kind of need it to keep this towel up." I said blushing.

       "Right." she said, "these are for you. Christian said his mate needed some new clothes. And here you are." Maia handed me a black bag and I took it.

     "Thank You." I said gratefully and walked into the guest room, ever so often turning to look at her. She was just standing there, looking at me. "I'll be right here." she assured me.

     I smiled and went to change. I opened the bag and pulled out a few pairs of jeans, some shorts, a few tanks and some tee-shirts with very graphic slogans. At the bottom of the bag was a cute baby pink floral print dress. I smiled. I was definitely going to wear it,since back home my dad never let me wear anything but jeans and loose tops or sweaters.

    When I went into the hallway, Maia was standing right where she was before. "That dress looks great on you. You have the boobs for it. I'm too flat." She said, pointing to her flat chest.   I blushed. I never thought that I had big boobs before. In my neighbourhood whenever I went outside, guys always told me I was hot. But I never believed a word they said.

    Before I had a chance to reply, Christian came out of the room. He wore a tight white tee-shirt, khaki cargos and sneakers. I groaned and once again my Wolf wanted to jump him. I almost agreed with her, but Maia was right there.

   "Oh, I see you two have met." Christian said.

     "No kidding a**hole." Maia said, rolling her eyes. I laughed, I was really liking this girl. She was going to be a great sister-in-law.

Sorry this one was so short. It was like three pages on word!!! I didn't realise that though.


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