Part 106*

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After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the family members got together and walked around both Shravan's Firm and the PCT Junior. Everyone from Nanu to Dubbo was ecstatic and happy at the success of Sumo and Shravan. And Ramnath couldn't help but feel proud of his son.

Ramnath: (smiling) Shravan beta, from the minute a man becomes a father, it's his dream to see his son stand up on his two feet. I couldn't help but be proud of the man you have become.

Shravan: (taking Ramnath's blessings) Thank you Papa. You have taught me a majority of what I know and I would never be anything without you.

Nanu: Shravan Beta, I always knew that one day you would be a big man. But I'm proud to know that you're not just a big man on the outside. But also a man with a big heart. I wish you all the success in the world. Fight for justice and truth and no one will be able to defeat you.

Shravan: (taking his blessings) Thank you Nanaji. I hope to make you proud.

Kamini: Shravan Puttar, Pushkar Puttar, now that you have solved two problems with one stone, we can all finally celebrate!! Suman, now nothing is going to close down your PCT!! So smile Beta, and don't you dare take any stress from now on!! (playfully scolding her)

Mamiji: Kamini Ji, you are absolutely right! Suman, there is nothing to worry about now!

Nirmala: So now that all of our problems are solved, why not move this party to the Malhotra Mansion?!

Ramnath: Actually Tiwari Ji, I would like to invite you and the entire family over for a Preeti Bodj! Let us Malhotra's treat you once too! (laughing)

Pushkar: Yes!! You all have to come over and celebrate my Bhaiya and Bhabhi's success!! Please Nanu!! (playfully pleading)

Preeti: Yes!! Mummy you guys have to come over!

Nanu: Well if all of the kids ask so nicely, how can we possibly say no? Thank you Ramnath for inviting us over! It would be our honor to come have a Preeti Bodj with you.

Kamini: (excited) Perfect!! We'll get everything prepared quickly!! You guys just enjoy!!

After wrapping up everything at SUMshra and PCT, the family members all headed over to the Malhotra Mansion for the Preeti Bodj.

Malhotra Mansion.

As soon as the family arrived at the Malhotra Mansion, the ladies of the house rushes quickly to their kingdom, THE KITCHEN! Although Shravan was in no mood to let his lady love go, he was left with no option as Nanu and the rest of the family members were close by.

Sumo, Preeti, Mamiji, Masiji, Kamini, Vandy and Nirmala were laughing in the kitchen and having at great time while quickly whipping up some of their best dishes. Nirmala was on Daal duty, Sumo was on dessert duty, Preeti took care of the Puries, and Kamini handled the other small things with the help of Mamiji and the others.

On the other side of the house, the men of the family were cracking jokes and laughing like crazy over silly things that Lalaji said. Amounst the sea of men, their were two that were restless and eager to see their wives.

Pushkar and Shravan kept their hears with the men and their silly talks. However, their full attention was dedicated to the kitchen door, where their Jaan's were cooking.

After about an hour's worth of wait, all of the ladies came out from the kitchen with bowls and utensils in their hands. Shravan eagerly scaned the group of ladies, however, Sumo was no where to be found.

His restless heart begun to beat even faster as he saw the women set up the small tables and silverware on the floor in front of them, but his wife wasn't their and this was driving his insane.

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