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March 13th, 2000 my father led the last previously known expedition into the heart of the Arabian Oil Zone. Two weeks later I emerged as the only survivor. I was twelve. Something happened to me in the desert, something I still don’t totally understand. Upon my daughter’s diagnosis with de novo syndrome, a hereditary disorder, I made it my life’s goal to uncover the mysteries of my lost past.

Who or what resides within the AOZ? Is the twitch retrovirus directly linked to the drilling and/or refining of petroleum? Or is it connected with some secondary or tertiary factor? Is de novo syndrome a natural evolution of the twitch, or a genetic manipulation made by human hands? Soon after accepting a teaching and research position at the University of Texicas, my quest took a surprising twist.

The Truth in History Society (THS), commonly known as lost file conspiracists, have beat their drum for nearly a dozen years. I, like most, ignored them. Events I describe in detail within my book, De Novo Syndrome, explain my reversal on the matter.

Several months ago, I rigorously set about curating and editing all known Lost DMB Files while maintaining as scientific of an approach to these pulpy stories as possible. Now I count myself among the zealous believers in their authenticity, not simply as pulp fiction, but as journalistic tales preserving historic fact.

It is my belief these lost files will eventually explain many of the mysteries threatening our society, including the origins and  effects of the Twitch.

Many names and places were altered in the original stories in effort to disguise the secrets they contained from parties who would have destroyed them had they known the true content within. Even with these protective measures, it appears many of the writing were indeed rounded up eventually. As well, David Mark Brown mysteriously disappeared during the mid-1930’s.

My promise to the reader is to seek out these Lost DMB files and present them to you unabridged and unaltered from their original intent for as long as I am able (or until the unlikelihood they are all discovered). I also vow to do my best to allow you to draw your own conclusions as to their historical value and contemporary commentary. (I’ll refrain from my preachy tendencies as best I can.)

Finally, be forewarned. Becoming lost in these “lost files” and the world they reconstruct is difficult to resist. May what once was lost, now be found.

Professor Jim “Buck” Buckner

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