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Chapter 13

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Avery's POV

I smile as Chica and Foxy try to get me to spill my secrets early in the game. Not going to slip up this time guys. Freddy and Bonnie are fuming in the corner, watching while Goldie watches me, calculating my movements. Like I'm going to pull something in the day when I could do so in the shroud of the night. I grin at him with a knowing shit eating smile causing him to growl.

I notice Chica look up at him then to me. I look at her then gave a charming smile and wink making her blushed before looking away. I felt like goo inside when I'm near her, but it hurt me knowing I have to make her hate me but something else inside is blocking that process and making me try to be her friend.

I go back to work on Bill's car, guilding both Foxy and Chica how to use certain tools and what to do exactly as well as talk with them that is until my fake hand started to spaz out. "Mr. Walker." I called out to him, making Chica, Foxy stop what they were doing to look at me. "Yes Avery?" He asked when he and my boss came over and saw my fake hand spazing out. "I see. Well go repair it and take the guests with you. Can't have them working on something without guidince." I nod. "Ok sir. Mr.Conway." I turned to him. "Most of you car is repaired so you can take it to a pro and not be charged way too much on it." I said "Alright Avery. Thank you. We'll talk later about your extra pay for repairing my car." He said and I nodded before heading into the other room with the Fazbears behind me, thankfully no one else was in here.

I took my hand off and placed it on the table and got my repair kit out of my backpack. "Foxy can you please hold my hand while I repair it. It's a hastle to do so without holding it place." I said as they look at me surpirsed. "What? It is. Without clamps or something else holding it, it becomes a hastle because it would move around." I explained while they stood silent before Foxy moved and sat down and held my hand down as I get to work on it. "I'm going to be straight here. I'm not really surprised by Chica and Foxy being here. Same with Goldie but You Freddy and Bonnie, I took it that I pissed you two off enough that you wouldn't WANT to see me in the day. By the way Chica, Foxy I caught on to what you two planned before you started to ask me questions. You all wish to know my secrets before putting me down like a dog." I said in a monotone voice.

They stare at me surprised while Chica blushed, probably thinking that her plan was predicable. "Clever girl. You caught them and us. Yes we do wish to know. So cut the act and tell us!" Goldie yelled. I turn to him and smile. "Now Goldie. Where is the fun in the game if I simply TOLD you. I planted big clues and you saw with your eyes what happened when you attacked me from behind." The three of them glare at me while I feel the worried looks from Foxy and Chica. "Look guys, I don't know what to say. My hands are tied on matters like this. I am able to tell you the truth about me but anything else is off limits." I said as I finished working on my hand and placed it on.

"Thanks Foxy." "Your welcome Lass." "Now like I said maybe I'll tell one of you my secrets but for now, nothing." The bell rings and everyone starts to leave. As the the gang starts to leave I grab Chica's arm to get her attention. "Susie." I lean in close and whisper in her ear. "You are track Chica. You are very close to figuring me out but can you see the whole puzzle that is me? I well say this to you now. I'm INDEED a magic-user." I let go of her arm and give her a quick kiss on the cheek before disappearing in the crowd of people, leaving behind a tomato red Chica. 'Why the fucking hell did I just do that?! I'm trying to make her HATE me but so far I been doing the opposite and trying to make her LIKE me with this stupid flirting and now I KISS her on the cheek like a lover or girlfriend saying goodbye for now!' I thought to myself angerly as the blush on my face slowly disappears.

'Maybe it's because she was a good old friend to me in the past that it's making it hard to force myself to make her hate me? Nah she may hate me now after that stunt.' I thought as I walk to class.

Chica's POV

'What the hell was that just now?' I thought to myself as I place my hand on my cheek where Avery kissed me. 'She just....kissed me on my cheek. But Why? Was it some trick to confuse? Well it was working but why did it feel right and made my heart skip a beat when she did? Why am I acting this way towards my old friend?' I continued to think about her as we went back to the pizzeria. 'She did just confide in me that she is magic-user. But I still question her. I question why me? Why tell me this. Is it a a ploy?' I internaly groun at all these questions that this girl has raised.

"What's wrong Chica? You seem awfelly quiet." Bill asked me. "I'm just thinking about what I learned from Avery is all." "Oh about cars. Yeah that girl can work a miracle. With the work she done with you lot and the other stuff around here seem to be working a lot more better then before." he said. "I hate to admit it but I agree. When she gives us our check ups and does minor repairs or adjustments we do seem to work alot more better." Freddy said with everyone nodding in agreement. "I just may take her offer then and see what she could do." Goldie said. I look at each of them from the review mirror and see the evil smiles on Freddy, Bonnie, and Goldie's faces. They are going to take this chance and maybe try to kill Avery.

Foxy looks at me worried. 'If only they could see that killing is bad. That we should stop. Avery. I feel that deep down that you don't want to be like this. You are being used like a puppet. You truly want to be friends with us. But your puppet-master is pulling your stings and you are willingly letting them.' I thought as a heavy weight places itself on my heart. 'I really want to befriend Avery. And maybe someday tell her that it was me who took her arm away that lead to her getting the fake, to her growning to be this person of mystery.' I thought as we pulled into the parking lot of the pizzeria. Freddy, Bonnie leave to head for a walk. Goldie heads off to wherever he goes. Leaving me, Foxy and Bill at the pizzeria. I walked inside and went to behind the stage and sat down.

"Everything about Avery seems to make sence but there is always that piece of information that doesn't. Thowing us through loops. What could it be?" I said to myself as my thought drift towards the girl in question. I soon find myself blushing when I remember her actions towards me, like help guilding me with the tools, the way she whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek, the smell of rust and sweat the came off her. Wait? Rust? My thoughts stopped at that piece of info. 'Avery when she was close to me after working on a car there was the smell of rust but when I first meet her it was wielded metal. I saw that everyone didn't use any wielding items or cut anything. And I didn't see any marks on the cars there that they were cut or wielded at some point this week. So where did the smell of wielded metal come from?' I thought at the more questions that made themselves known.

"Oh Avery why do you have to be so myterious?" I said out loud to myself.

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