twenty-one ; oh dear, how silly are you...

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xxi. oh dear, how silly are you...

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warning! semi-short chapter!


HENRY WAS TRYING his best to be sneaky but failing. Felix refrained from rolling his eyes as he led the boy to where Wendy would be waiting soon enough. It was just too obvious that he was following him. Perhaps it was because he was trained to know but still, the Mills could be more discrete about it. But no, he stepped on a twig instead. The second in command rolled his eyes that time and turned around before brushing it off and walking away. Of course, Henry followed after him like a predator stalking its prey. Just not as stealthy.

Meanwhile, Pan was undoing the chains to the other cage where a young girl with dirty clothes and messy hair sat with her eyes wide with fear. Arabella stood with him, watching with narrowed eyes. This was his plan? A girl? A certain fire ignited in her veins.

"Am I... am I free?" the young girl questioned with hope in her tone though there was definitely some doubt laced in it. She almost laughed at the innocence in her voice. The mother couldn't help but wonder why her husband and kept a female in a cage for so long. Did they have a past together? For sure they did. What type of past though?

Pan smirked. "Not yet, Wendy." He held out his hand and Wendy grabbed it, letting him pull her out of the cage. "But that doesn't mean you can't come out and play." Arabella and Wendy made eye contact and Arabella glared at her. She wasn't usually the jealous type. However, with all of these worries of losing her love again, she was extremely cautious. The former princess didn't like the way Wendy look at her husband.

Wendy smiled at her innocently and Arabella continued to glare, knowing fairly well it was just for show in front of the leader. Pan saw her glare and then looked at Wendy. "Wendy give us a minute." The girl instantly did as she was told, making her scoff with disbelief, rolling her eyes.

"There's no need to be jealous, love," he sighed once she was gone.

Looking back at him, Arabella gave him a look, throwing one hand in the girl's direction she had headed. "Did you not see the look in her eyes?" Another scoff. "Ridiculous."

Pan smirked and put his hands on her hips. "Don't be jealous. Cause I married you, not Wendy. She's just a part of the plan."

Arabella still looked enraged. "Well too bad, 'cause I'm jealous." Her accent flowed into her every word due to her anger. It happened and every time he adored it. Because it reminded him of one of many reasons why he loved her.

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