La Vie Bohiem Part 2

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~Previously on Fairy Tail Rent~
As they came closer they shared a kiss. And thats what everyone in the place cheered and they broke into song once again.

All: Yeeeeah!
To dance

Juvia: No way to make a living, masochism,
Pain, perfection,
Muscle spasms, chiropractors,
Short careers, eating disorders!

All: To film!

Natsu: Adventure, tedium, no family
Boring locations,
Dark rooms, perfect faces, egos,
Money, Hollywood, and sleaze!

All: Music!

Rogue: Food of Love, emotion, mathematics,
Rhythm, power, feeling, harmony,
And heavy competition!

All: Anarchy!

Sting & Lucy: Revolution, justice
Screaming for solutions,
Forcing changes,
Risk, and danger
Making noise and making pleas!

All: To faggots, lezzies, dykes
Crossdressers, too!

Lucy: To me!

Natsu: To me!

Sting & Rogue: To me!

All: To you, and you, and you, you, and you!
To people living with, living with,
living with
Not dying from disease!

Let he among us without sin
Be the first to condemn!

La Vie Boheme!
La Vie Boheme!
La Vie Boheme!

Natsu: To anyone out of the mainstream,
Is anyone in the mainstream?
To anyone alive with a sex drive!
Tear down the wall! Aren't we all?
The opposite of war isn't PEACE!

All: WHOO!

La Vie Boheme

Viva La Vie Boheme

There where beers passed around and love was shared within the group.

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