2.Day 373

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Song of the Chapter:  Everybody Gets High by Missio
*Next chapter will be longer. Promise

**contains drug use

He had another fight with his mom again. He's crashing at my place. I'm trying not to let him think about it too much though. Once he's left with his own mind, he tends to overthink things. We've just been smoking up and binge watching American Gods.

"Babe, got anything to eat?" We've just finished the last episode and our munchies are working on overdrive.

"I can make some pasta." I say after I've taken a hit. It takes me a while to think; I'm so fucking stoned.

He pauses for a while to light up, "I'm really craving pizza though."

Now that he's saying it, I'm really craving it too, "Pizza run?" I ask.

His smile is the only answer I need.


We ended up doing it in the car on our way back. Sex while high is the best sex in my opinion. Thank fuck it was kinda late and we went to our spot. Yeah we have a spot.

It's 1:20 in the morning and we've just finished the last of the weed. He want's to smoke some more. So do I, I guess. But I'm down to my last hundred and I still haven't done my grocery shopping yet.

Fuck it. I wanna get high and he'll pay me back when he goes home this Friday.

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