Tale Of The Haunted Studio

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"What is this stuff?" Tawni asked as she started taking different objects out of a box Sonny had on her dressing table.

The box was full of books and different objects that kept beeping.

"Well I went down to this store and bought ghost tracking equipment, I want to prove to you that ghosts are real and that there is one in this studio" Sonny stated quite proud of herself.

"Ghosts... please tell me you kept the receipts" Tawni said.

"Tawni, I'm trying to tell you we have a ghost. It's all right here in this book" Sonny said shoving a book in Tawni's face.

"ghosts, gules and cleanest hot dog stands of LA" Tawni read aloud.

Just then Nico and Grady walked in.

"Nico, Grady please tell Sonny that there are no such things as ghosts" No answer.

"Never mind then" Tawni sighed

"It's kept track of every paranormal event in LA plus all of the chocolate bars!" Sonny said matter-of-factly.

"Seriously the receipts, hand em over" Tawni said.

"According to this the studio is haunted by the ghost of actor Jonny Price"Sonny read from one of the books.

Grady was going through the boxes and paying with the beeping machines, Sonny took them off of him and put them back in the box.

She then continued to talk "Who died died unexpectedly at the age of a hundred and three" Sonny said.

Grady was playing with the goggles.

"Sonny ghosts don't exist, Nico please talk some sense into her" Tawni looked over to Nico.

"Dude... you look sick in night vision" Nico said as he hovered around Grady looking at him with the goggles on. "Sonny where'd you get these? I'm never taking em off"

"Actually, from The Ghost Outlet, check out this GhostCam!" Sonny said excitedly. She picked up a camcorder. Nico, who still had he goggles on, waved at the camera. "If there's a ghost in this room, this camera will detect it! "

"gurl, that's just a regular video camera" Tawni said as Sonny put the camera over Tawni's face.

"No,it costs three times a regular camera costs, plus it has a little ghost sticker!" Sonny pointed to a sticker at the side of the camera.

Nico started looking Grady up and down. "Grady, I can see you under wear" He said

"Those aren't X-Ray goggles!" Grady said matter-of-factly

"No… your pants are riding a little low, my friend" Nico stated.

Grady pulled his pants up embarrassed. He then looked around and made sure nobody else saw.

"Actress Elizabeth Price, you can haunt but you can't hide!" Sonny said as she moved the camera about the room.

"Look! " Sonny gasped. She hovered the camera over her cup.

"What?" Nico asked.

"5 minutes ago my orange juice was full, who drank it? A thirsty ghost perhaps?" Sonny asked dramaticaly.

"Sonny this is my juice, yours is over there" Tawni pointed across the table to where Sonny's juice was.

"oh" Was all Sonny said and then continued to move the camera about. Lets just say she was filming everything that was happening.

"Hey guys" Marshal walked in with Zora beside him.

"Marshal will you please tell Sonny that the So Random! Set is not haunted" Tawni asked or just said.

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