Chapter One (Rewritten)

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(F/S) = Favorite Sport
(F/C) = Favorite Color
(Y/N) = Your Name
(E/C) = Eye Color
(S/C) = Skin Color
(H/C) = Hair Color

You weren't the type of person to stress about things. Winding down a lot of the times entailed watching (F/S) and running, occasionally mixed with a video games.

Currently, you were sat in a (F/C) chair, pushed into a desk and clicking away at a computer screen as quietly as you could. With your girlfriend in the next room, the volume was considerably lowered on the game, which was called Minecraft. You were unsure as to why this little blocky game sparked as much intrigue with you as it did, but that was unimportant as you continued to "mine" out the stone in front of you. Chat was wild with strange terminology and there were about three separate conversations between seven people, and you didn't even bother trying to follow them. Just concerned with the blocks in front of you, the durability of the iron pickaxe in your main hand, and the dwindling hunger bar. Of course, with the sound so quiet, you didn't hear the creeper sneaking up on you in the darkness. Nor did you hear the hissing of lit TNT, as the green four-legged walking bomb ticked away to an explosion. The damage done to your starving Minecraft avatar brought you to the death screen, with all your stuff littered about the ground. A soft groan escaped your lips in anger and frustration, but you moved to click the respawn button regardless. You weren't one to rage quit, at least not that easily. After all, your stuff was still there.
As your indication arrow hovered over "Respawn", you saw a figure move across the screen. Something teal and grey, tipped by spiky brown hair and a goatee. It's face was concealed by a blank white light eminating from it's eyes. A shiver coursed down your spine as recognition hit you like a brick.

"Herobrine..." You heard yourself mutter, slowly backing away from your computer screen.

A deep, gruff voice sounded in your head, "(Y/N)... You will do."

Your name was spoken, followed by more words that you were unable to catch due to the intense drowsiness that came over you faster than you could do anything. You collapsed to the ground and blacked out, all feeling leaving your now aching body.

When you awoke, the landscape had drastically changed. The sky was a constant bright blue, home to the occasional cloud that moved too quickly to be natural. And it didn't look fluffy in the slightest. The usually creatively shaped masses of condensed water was flat and blocky, not unlike the ones in the game you had been playing earlier. Then it hit you.

"I died?!?!" You shouted at the sky.

Someone chuckled nearby, though it sounded breathless and meek. You whipped around to face the owner of the voice, and you were greeted by a man that reminded you of the Steve skin, but colored detailed in different greens. The avatar smiled at you, probably in sync with the laughter you'd heard moment ago. So maybe you weren't dead, but this random stranger and their laughter definitely wasn't bringing comfort to you. Luckily, you didn't have to fear him for long, as another, taller male came up behind him and swung a diamond sword at his neck, making the being dissipate into dust-like pixels that floated away on a non-existent breeze.
Taking an anxious step back, you stared up at the man holding the diamond sword, who had a snowy white cloak to cover his black skin and deep, soul-stealing red that seemed to pierce your soul. It made you feel exposed, and afraid.

You had no weapon, no sheild, no nothing in your inventory. The grassland around you didn't provide much cover or safety, so you were reduced to simply backing up over the occasional rises and falls of the blocks and hoping that he didn't notice you. Of course, those eyes caught your frantic, instinctual movements easily and he took a step towards you, the menacing sword disappearing into his inventory. Worry still controlling you actions, you backed up into a shallow ravine, about three blocks deep but with no available exit, even for parkour experts. The cloaked man laughed a little at your situation, earning him an irritated frown. He rolled up his sleeves to about his elbows and then held out a hand to you. When you didn't move, he cracked a smile.

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