Author's Note

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Hi y'all, Nathaniel here :)

Just wanted to make some things clear :) 

1. This will be a short story.

2. This short story will contain a lot of drug use, abuse, and a lot of swears.

3. The chapters will be told in days. However, the days won't be given in chronological order (blame (500) days of summer for inspiring me lol).

4. Some chapters will be short, some will be long (depending on the day).

5. Story inspired by real people. It is in no way meant to promote abuse (or drugs). I as an author don't approve of abuse or tolerate it in any way. The thoughts and actions of the characters are completely separate from my own.

6. Cast is any picture of a boy or girl I see on Tumblr (usually their silhouettes) because I don't want to cast the roles to specific people. The message I'm tryna send is that abuse can happen to anyone, so I believe casting a specific person would just defeat that purpose.. You will also notice while you read (or by looking at the cast) that I haven't named the main characters. I meant it that way. Like I said, it can happen to anyone. (this is a work in progress though if it doesn't make the story flow I'll name the characters (hopefully not I really want this to work lol))

7. I will TRY to update regularly (like once a week) but uni is so annoying and stressful (as I'm typing this I have two assignments due in two days, another due in 4, and another due next week Friday ToT (#priorities lol))

8. Updates would (hopefully) be once a week either on Friday or Saturday night (around 11 Fiji Time) depending on school :3 

9. All GIFs and images used are from Tumblr. credits to whoever made them/posted them

10. If you or someone you know is going through abuse, please please try to get help. Talk to someone or call the various hotline numbers in your various countries <3 (I'm sorry I'm shit at giving advice :3)

11. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to vote if you like it. Comments are much appreciated <3

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