The Man of Death.

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When the The man of death

comes out to play

in the summer rain

He causes so much unbearable pain

Pain pain pain

The man of Death causes the pain

He makes babies scream at his sight

He makes the bed bugs hide

He gives fear a new name

The man of death

he doesnt have a name

Silence is companion

The dead is his regret

Fright is all he can cause

Happiness is only a fantasy

to the man of death

The man of death

hates who he is

and hates the pain he causes

when he wipes the smiles

off of poor little kids faces

The man of Death

wants to be free of his curse

he wants to live in peace

and be happy

The man of death

is just a man

with a deadly curse

that only causes dread.

Don't judge him

for who is is

or for what you've heard

Because the man of death

is just a man

with a deadly curse.

Just close your eyes

and stop calling him a menance

Because nobody is perfect

 and everyone has their flaws

Just like the man of death

We can't help who we are

but on the inside

we are all like the man of death

and have our own little curse

that we all dread.

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