twenty ; memories lost

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xx. memories lost

━ ❝ fight till you die ❞

━ ❝ fight till you die ❞

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PAN'S PLAN BEGAN to take shape once Henry returned to camp. Felix was quick to help him, listening to the idea and knowing what he needed to do. It was a perfect scheme but they just prayed that it worked. If it didn't, they'd be screwed and Arabella would be even more worried than she already was. Currently, the two were walking together, the leader giving him some instructions which were actually a part of the plan. "Head to the other side of the island and deliver the supplies," Pan told him.

Felix nodded, keeping a straight face easily. "Understood. Anything else?"

The teenage boy stopped walking and paused for effect, then replied, "Just be certain Henry doesn't find out what you're up to." Felix nodded and then walked away. Pan turned around and walked in the opposite way his friend did. Of course, the both of them knew that Henry was listening to them the entire time. He wasn't being to smart about it considering that he got up and followed after the second in command. Pan looked back at him and scoffed quietly. "Idiot."



"Arabella, love, calm down," Malcolm chuckled, shaking his head as he did so, watching his wife holding their baby. She shot him a dirty look, continuing to rock Rumple in her arms. For at least a good three house now she had paced back and forth with their son. "Set him down in the crib, he will sleep, nothing is going to happen."

She looked back at him. "You think this is funny! Well, it's not okay! What if he starts choking or what if he starts to cry?" The former princess kissed the top of the boy's head, bouncing him up and down. He pointed out that she needed to sleep, getting an "I'll sleep later" from her in reply.

Malcolm stood up and went to take the baby from her arms. But she moved away. "Aria...come on. You need rest. I promise you he will be fine." Seeing that she wasn't budging, he sighed. "You can set him in the middle of us on the bed if it makes you feel better." He saw the expression on her face from just the side profile. "Come on, love. Please?"

The brunette turned to him, sticking her nose in the air. "Whatever." She walked to their bedroom and Malcolm shook his head again, laughing quietly as he followed. Arabella laid Rumple down on the bed and then laid next to him. Her husband came in and laid on the other side of his child, smiling once he saw that their son was already asleep.

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