Chaper 2

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Chapter 2


I wake up and do nothing, we scattered her ashes yesterday. She has been the only thing on my mind, the only thing that fills my dreams. I feel empty without her. I remember her eyes and her smile and how she said she wasn't pretty. And she wasn't, she was beautiful and full of life, and now she is dead. I feel tears running down my cheek and I can't stop them.
Zeke walks in and I don't look at him. "Killed yourself yet?" He asks "No. But I feel like I died a long time ago." I say it and know its true, I haven't felt alive since she was. "I know how much you loved her, she knew to. but she would want you to be happy." He says " I know" I say. "I'm just not ready to be happy yet." He looks at me and nods, then leave me to my thoughts.

First Jumper

The Farris Wheel

The Hallways at Dauntless

The Chasm

The Train

Memory's overwhelm me as I stare a a picture of her clenched in my hand. "Why did you have to be selfless?" I say allowed without meaning to. I put the picture to my heart and fall asleep.

I dream she was still with me that she is next to me and I will wake up and it will all have been a nightmare.
When I wake up I don't want to come back to reality, but I have to.
I am going back to the Bearu today to pick up some of her stuff since Caleb thought I should have it and not him.

As I hold her things about to leave I over hear a conversation David is having, "she's awake." He says "She resisted the serum this morning got out in 50 secound seven after a comma unbelievable."
Are they talking about Tris?No. They can't be she's dead, I saw the body, I scattered her ashes...
But he says she got out in only 50 seconds, only my tris could do that. I'm to desperate Im going to stay here a bit longer.

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