[31] Mini Moments of Romance

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A/N: This is sort of a multi-oneshot-ish chapter. Just imagine it as... sort of spread out [through the whole period of the story until before the confession day] confession/romantic moments with the cast, to speed the "romance" portion of this story up.

PS. This is in third person c:

PPS. Please refer to #53 of RisenEclipse's book "Memes Almost Every Author Can Relate To" for how I feel about some parts of this chap.


"Universes and Rejections"

"Heeeeello!" Shelby chirped, entering the boys' house.

"Hello Megan," Ross greeted. Megan was Shelby's nickname (that she didn't exactly like.)

Max joked, "And the unfortunate Shelby has arrived."

Shelbs brought up the reason why she came. "Guys, I've been reading some ancient history books..."

"That's a start," Jin snickered. "You never really read History often."

The almost-fully-brunette laughed. "Well, the topic I came upon sounded... interesting. It was about Alternate Universes. Apparently they exist?"

Most of the guys laughed, chortled, snorted even. "You... can't... be... serious!" Adam exclaimed in between laughs.

She felt embarrased, however Max defended her. "Guys, don't embarrass her. She's onto something you know; I've heard of these AU things before and I know they seem hard to believe. But if she saw it in a history book it's most likely correct, whether ancient or not."

"Or are you protecting her because you like her?" John asked, earning a frown from Cory and a chorus of "oooh~"s from the rest of the boys.

Shelby blushed a bright red. She had a crush on Max, but was afraid to admit it. Max couldn't have returned the feeling... right?


"Yeah, sure. Whatever. Now, movie time?"

"MOVIE TIME!" The other guys (plus Shelby) screamed.

After a couple of hours of movie watching, it became dark. It was time for Shelby to go back to hers and Jess' place, but before that she urged Max to meet her in the closest park to their house. Confession Park.

Confession Park was called as such because many couples have confessed their love to someone else; particularly on the hill, where a single enchanted cherry blossom tree stood.

The legend said that whoever confessed to their love under that tree, will feel the magic that the tree holds and get their wish.

But Shelby didn't really believe in that.

She sat on the freshly mown grass in the center of the park, and patiently waited for the ginger to show up. And he did.

"Hey Max? I have something to tell you..." Shelby mumbled.

"Yeah, what is it?"

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