Chapter Twenty-One:

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Ruka (1)

I sat on the front porch of the main building in the village.

"I'll be right back." The younger man said, who I still don't know the name of. Not up for conversation right now.

I nodded then he turned his back to leave.  

I stared down at the porch steps, When will I see them again? Am I going to be killed on the spot since maybe I'm useless?

How long was I gone for? Did Zuko find me? That was probably the longest my "loneliness" was felt before.


I shot my head up and looked around.

I stood up from the steps and ran to where I heard a large thud, which was where the man went.

I saw Zuko, Iroh and some of his guards in front of the man who was on the floor. "Seen the Avatar lately?" Zuko asked lowly.

I ran over to them and stood in front of him, "Leave him alone!"

Zuko furrowed his brows, "You."

"Go find him on your own! This village has no business dealing with the Avatar."

"Then why are you here?"

"When I gained consciousness, I tried to find my siblings, but instead found this village. They helped me get cleaned up and back to my normal state."

Zuko narrowed his eyes at me. After a minute passed, he gritted his teeth. "You're lying."

He shoved me out of the way then bent down and picked up the man by the collar of his shirt.

"I'm only going to ask you this once. Where is the Avatar?" Zuko asked in a louder tone. With his free hand, he held a flame above his palm. The man looked at it horrifically.

"Stop!" I held my hand up. "I'll tell you where he's headed, just leave him be!"

Zuko turned his head to me, "You know where he's going?"

I nodded quickly.

Zuko let go of the man, letting him fall to the floor. He grabbed my upper arm with a firm grip, "This better not be another lie or what would've happened to him will happen to you."

As we walked away from the man, I looked over my shoulder and gave him a warm smile. His eyes saddened and mouthed 'thank you' to me. I nodded then kept my head down the whole way back to the ship.


"Sailing into fire nation waters. Of all the foolish things you've done in your sixteen years, Prince Zuko - this is the most foolish!"

"I have no choice, Uncle."

I was seated in a corner on the deck, looking out into the ocean. I was holding my legs to my chest, my chin on my knees.

"Have you completely forgotten that the Fire Lord banished you?!"

I raised my head and cocked a brow at the uncle and nephew. Banished?

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