Chapter NINE ♡

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// Kayleigh's POV //

It has been really awkward to talk to Alexis after this whole situation
Me, Sydney and Brooklyn stopped hanging out with her since she started to hangout with the cool kids

She's like a gossip girl now
Why did Alexis change?

I went to the field, its very peaceful there

"Hey" Harvey said
"Hey" i said
"What are you doing here? Why are you alone?" He said and sat down
"I just want to be alone and clear everything what's going on inside my head"
He nodded

We just sat there, looking up
"Kayleigh, do you still have the box that i gave you?" He said
"Yeah, why?" I said
"You can open it today instead of tomorrow" he said
I grabbed the box that Harvey gave me from my bag and placed it on my lap

"Open it" he said
The box has ribbons
I untied it and opened it
As I opened it, i saw a bracelet and a letter
"Wow, thanks Harvey" i said and gave him a hug
I have never ever hugged him
Wait.... why did he give me this?

"Read the letter" he said
I unfolded the piece of paper and started to read it

Dear Kayleigh,
Where do i start?
I liked you since the day i saw you
I wanted to get your attention but I didn't have the guts to talk to you
So i decided to annoy you.
At first, I didn't regret it until it progressively just got worst.
I know you hated me this whole time and i now regret what i did to just get your attention.
Even if we're just friends, i'll be okay as long as i am someone to you.

Im sorry for what i did to you...
I wanted to ask you out for the school dance when i heard you say that you didn't have a date
But then I realised, you don't like me.
Remember when i took care of you when you got drunk? That's how much i love you okay
I'll just stop writing before I write cheesy stuff.
Hope we'll be good friends. Or maybe more than friends.

- Harvey Mills xxx

Wow. He did all that because he liked me?
I looked at Harvey and hugged him again
He looked so happy
"I'm sorry too" i said
We just sat there, hugging
We both pulled away
"So... do you want to go to the dance with me?" He asked
"Of course!" I said
A huge smile formed on his face and he hugged me again

The bell rang and it was time to go to our lessons
"Bye, i'll see you later" he said
"You too" i said and walked separate ways

After school, I walked home alone
It feels weird
I usually talk to my friends so much after school
Is this what it feels like when your friendship with your friends fall apart?
I heard someone walking behind me
"Hey Harv" i said
He looked up and smiled
"You okay?" I asked
"Yeah" he said
"Do you want me to walk with you?" I asked
"Sure" he said

"So Kayleigh, you excited for the school dance" he asked
"I don't know really" i said
"Do you wanna come over tomorrow?" He said
"Sure why not" i said
"See you tomorrow" he said
"See you"

We both walked separate ways to our houses

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