EXERCISE #3: Creating an Effective Summary

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In this exercise, you'll compare two summaries for a story idea: the original summary and the reworked version. The reworked version incorporates the tips for writing an effective summary. Note: This is an actual example taken from a Wattpad user. 


Meet Sawyer Green; 16, captain of the soccer team, Straight A student, life set for him, scholarship to Harvard almost determined, and hot. His life can't get any more perfect with his girlfriend, Kayla, who is just as perfect. Lives in Carlingtown and goes to Elmont High School

Meet Roxy Evans; 16, shuts the world out, writes diaries after diaries, moves from foster home to foster home, steals, had to watch her sister die in a fire.

When Roxy begins to flunk school, she is forced to begin a peer tutoring program; with Sawyer as her tutor. How will she deal with the egoistic boy who seems to be hiding something?


Sixteen-year-old Roxy shares more between the pages of her diary than she does with her own peers. When this social misfit begins failing school, she's forced to enlist the help of Sawyer, an arrogant, self-centered pretty boy with a few secrets of his own.

Can these two put aside their differences or will they be too much to overcome?

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