Meeting Her (Part 2)

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Shelby, Will, and Graser arrive at McDonalds. Don't worry, Graser hasn't forgotten about his plan ;) Oh, and another long chapter, yay!

Great, we're here! Now, I just gotta make sure my plan goes well. I'm sure it will, I mean, I'm Graser10, huehue. The only possible thing that could go wrong, would be that there aren't any free booths...
You know what, Grase? Have faith in yourself! You're a smart, powerful, and one good looking robot. Everything's gonna go according to plan.
"Well, we're here guys!" Shelby said excitedly
"I'm starving!" Said Will
"Hah! Yeah, er, I'm hungry too! I'm uh, gonna go find ourselves a table!" Graser said loudly
"Um... Okay?" Will said, seeming somewhat confused.
Graser then rushed out of the car, and slammed the car door.

It occurred to me that I was alone with Will in my car. This was my first time ever, just being with him, and only him. Without Graser. That's new. Even if this moment won't last long, I'll cherish it. Every bit of it.
Do I have feelings for Will? Grasers' best friend Will? Did I really mean it when I said that Will was my world? Why are all these questions coming up now?
Wait... Shelby, what are you talking about? I don't have feelings for him, right?
Shelby looked at Will, he seemed to notice her. He gave her a cute little smile.
Shelby smiled back. His adorable smile, made her heart skip a beat. They looked at each other, making complete eye contact. At that moment, she knew those feelings were true. Shelby knew, that she could get lost in those brown eyes of his.

The way Graser left, confused me. Was he really that hungry that he had to rush out like that? Oh well, why am I confused, it's Graser, after all.
I then look to my left. I notice that Shelby and I were alone. I can't believe this. I look forward.
I'll wait for her, I'm sure Graser's fine.
She could take as long as she wanted. Because I was cherishing this moment.
Through the corner of my eye, I see her look at me. I give her a smile, and she smiles back. That made me really happy. We make complete eye contact, and little did I know, that I was getting lost in her beautiful brown eyes.

*Meanwhile with Graser*
I rush into McDonalds. Looking for any open booths. I see one, and instantly rush towards it. I take over one side.
Hah, now Will and Shelby will be forced to sit next to each other! Now, I've just gotta think of an excuse as to why I took over this whole side...
"Oh, I know. I'll just say that a robot needs his space!" Said Graser out loud
Uh... Did I just say that out loud? He blushed from embarrassment.
An old lady looked at him weirdly. His first instinct was to just smile.
Hmm. What's taking them so long? Are they making out or something? Ugh, I'll just send Will a text.
Graser-G10🍕 Will- Willy Shakespeare😂

While Shelby and I continue to get lost in each other's eyes, I suddenly get a text message.
G10🍕- YO! What's taking so long?? Are u making out or something?😂
Willy Shakespeare😂 - Sorry. No, wtf. We'll be there in a minute. We just... Got caught up with something
G10🍕OHHH, "caught up with something." XD
Willy Shakespeare😂 - Ugh, just shut up and wait.
I turn off my phone.
"Sorry... Uh, Graser just texted me... He's being impatient. Heh." Claimed Will
"Oh... Uh yeah. Let's go!" Shelby said awkwardly
"Yeah!" Will said.

Will and Shelby both get out of the car, and walk toward the entrance. Before Shelby could open the door herself, Will steps up and opens it for her.
"Thank you!" She said with a smile, and Will smiles back, along with a nod.
They look around for Graser, and spot him at a booth.
"Grase, can you scoot over?" Asked Will, somewhat politely.
"Nah man, this robot needs his space, yo!" Graser chuckled
"Will, you can just sit next to me! I don't mind..." Said Shelby kindly
"Don't you want spa--" Will gets cut off
"Will, I don't bite!" Shelby says jokingly
Will laughs, and sits next to her.
*flash forward to after they take orders*
Shelby goes to put her phone on the table, and Will does that same thing. They touch hands.
"Oh! I'm sorry! Uh! You can put your phone there!" Shelby says as she giggles.
"No! I'm sorry!" Will starts to laugh
*Graser starts fangirling*
"Uh... I'll be right back. I've got to go to the rest room! Excuse me." Says Shelby
"Oh... Okay!" Said Will scooting out of the way

"You planned this out, didn't you, Graser." Said Will quietly
"Yup! Listen dude, I'm just trying to help you get your girl!" Graser smiled
"Thanks... I guess? I mean, I got to touch her hand.. Heh. Oh! What am I saying? Grase, Shelby could never like me!" Will sank in his seat
"Dude, why wouldn't she like you? You're good at parkour, you're smart, and people say you're good looking, when I'm clearly the better looking one." Graser said with a laugh
Will smiles
"See dude, you're basically the "perfect boy." "All boy next door-ish." Said Graser
"Th-thanks dude... I hope she feels the same way about me." Will blushed
"Hey, and what took you guys so long anyways?" Asked Graser with a smirk
"Heh, we just got lost in each other's eyes..." Will said awkwardly
"Awwwww!" Fan girled, Graser
"Shut up." Will said as he shook his head.

Meanwhile with Shelby in the rest room...
Well, that's the end of this chapter! Was it too long? Or should I continue making them this long? Let me know! Also, should I post another chapter later?
Anyways, thanks for reading! I hope you're enjoying this fan fic. I hope you guys like it, as much as I enjoy writing it :)

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