Chapter 5 We're going for a boat ride?

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Chapter 5



I hurried behind Nico...Mr. he never really formally introduced himself I didn’t even know what I should call him.  His friend called him Nico, but everyone else called him Mr. Salazar so I figured that’s what I should call him, or just Sir.

I can’t believe I got a boner in front of him.  I’m so embarassed...but the way he was looking at me got me really turned on.  I mean, here is this sexy, perfect man looking at me like he wanted to eat me for lunch.  I mean I know I’m just some runt kid to him, maybe Ajax is his boyfriend or something or maybe he’s straight.  Maybe he's even married!  I don't know why that thought disappointed me.  Was I crushing on him.  He was probably just looking at me assessing what clothes I should get and I should get my head out of the gutter.  He wouldn't be interested in kid like me.

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn’t notice that he had stopped at the counter and I bumped right into him.  I would have fallen back except he turned and quickly grabbed me around my middle and stabilized me by pressing him against his chest.

“Finn!” he exclaimed.

“Sorry,” I muttered embarrassed, “I wasn’t watching where I was going.”  The stern look he gave me scared me at first, but then his features softened and he slowly let go of me.  I had kind of liked being so close to him, pressed against his muscular chest.  

“Let’s just get your things and get out of here.  This time be careful where you’re going, you could have been hurt!” he scolded.

“Yes, Sir.” I breathed and I could swear I saw his pupils dilate and his eyes looked darker, but before I could get a good look he turned back to Lacey who was at the counter.

“I’ve had someone take all of the packages to your car Mr. Salazar, so you’re all set,” she reported.

“Fine, thank you.  I’ve just emailed you a more thorough list.  Anything that can’t be delivered by noon tomorrow, just send on to the office in Miami and we’ll pick it up there when we pull into port.”

“Yes, Sir.  And if there is anything else I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to call or email.  You have both my work and personal contact information,” she added with a bright, encouraging smile. to which he just nodded.  I rolled my eyes while they weren't looking.

Mr. Salazar then directed me to the elevator and we returned to the car.

We drove in silence for quite a while, Mr. Salazar looked like he was deep in thought and I didn’t dare interrupt him so I sat back and enjoyed the scenery out the window. I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew he was shaking me awake.

“Wake up little one, we’re here,” he spoke softly into my ear as his hand seemed to caress my face.  It took me a few minutes to remember what was happening and get my bearings,  I must have been in a deep sleep.

“Where are we?” I croaked, my throat dry.

“We’re at my boat,” he announced.  The driver opened the door for us and Mr. Salazar gave me a nudge so I hopped out.  We were next to a pier and there was a power boat waiting in front of us.  Some men were loading the bags from the trunk of the car onto the boat.

“We’re going for a boat ride?” I asked, confused as to why they were loading on all of the packages, it wasn’t a very big boat, maybe enough room for 6 people at the most so why did we need to take everything for a boat ride.  But still, I was excited.  I had never been on a boat before!  “Does it go fast?”

He let out a deep chuckle and then finally answered, “It can go pretty fast Finn, let’s get going, the water gets pretty choppy in the late afternoon.”

A man was already on the boat and he held up a steadying hand as I stepped down.  Mr. Salazar was next as well as a fourth man who began undoing the ropes that held the boat in place.  The first man began revving the engine and making some adjustments at the wheel while Mr. Salazar sat in a tall seat to the left of him, when the boat lurched forward I held onto the back of his seat to keep from falling.  After a few minutes we were further out in the harbor and the water was getting very choppy, I felt like I was being bounced around like a beach ball!

Suddenly two strong arms reached back and pulled me forward and as if I weighed nothing and plopped me into his lap.  At first I was a bit embarrassed to be sitting in his lap like a little kid, especially in front of the other two men, but he was really warm and the iron grip around me felt safe and secure so I relaxed into his hold.  The wind was whipping in my face so I even found myself turning my head, burying myself into his chest and neck.


As my little pet cuddled into my arms I knew without a doubt that I could not find peace until he was truly mine.  My thoughts ran all over the place; I wanted to take care of him, to teach him, be his everything just like he would be my everything.  I wanted to be his world and have those beautiful blue eyes always looking to me for love, encouragement, direction.  Yes, I wanted to control and dominate him.  I couldn’t deny my nature.  I wanted him to be mine in every sense of the word, but knew I would have to take things a bit slowly; he was so innocent.  I only hoped I had the control to take it as slowly as he might need it.

I could...I would...anything to make him mine.

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