Talking to the moon {Dramione one shot}

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This is a one shot  entry for @FairyLiquid's competition! The pairing is Dramione, and the song to inspire, is Bruno Mar's Talking to the moon! :P


 Hermione remembered it clearly. The vivid colours, serenading lights, and the lily that she held in her hands now. That night had showed her not to judge a book by it's cover, and that's why she was sat by the lake, reminiscing. 

 Not known to Harry, Ron or even Ginny, she had received not one, but two Yule ball invites. Not just Viktor Krum, the sweet Quiddich player, but somebody who she thought hated her guts.

Of course, when he asked her, she was so caught of guard, she socked him in the nose, and she was shocked to see the hurt in his cool grey eyes.

She had stared at him for what seemed like eternity, and finally noticed the beauty he held behind his rock hard exterior. His cold, sickle coloured eyes, that seemed to turn from solid to liquid under her gaze. His summer blonde hair, which seemed to submit a glow from the candlelight.

"You really mean it, don't you?" She had asked in a soft voice, that she rarely used.

"I would never joke with you Hermione." He had smiled in sincere way, that had made her heart expand, especially the way he had said her name, instead of Granger- or that word.

"Renervate." She murmured, and his crimson blood seemed to travel back up his nose, as if his blood was sorry for escaping.

"But.. Second year... When you called me the name..." She said, with confusion, not daring to even consider the thought going into her head.

"I'm sorry. I... Learnt something from somebody in detention. Somebody who lost the one they loved by that name. And I know I like you Mione, and I want to go to the ball with you." He had said confidently, his cheeks starting to Pink slightly.

"When did you realise?" She asked.

"Third year, after you punched me." He smiled wanly, his face overcome with the memory.

"Well then, yes. But I'll have to go in with Viktor. He won't go with anybody else, they all like him just for his quiddich skills."

Draco held back a growl of jealousy, before he gave her a hug filled with honesty, and affection.

Something she had never had from Ron or Harry.

Hermione looked down at the lily In her palm, faded from the everlasting charm starting to die, but the pink dots near the centre were still, still glowing bright. Like their forbidden love.

She had walked in the hall, with Viktor on her arm, and she could see all the boys looking at her with awe, if they finally comprehended she was actually a girl. Especially Ron, he was quite pathetic when it came down to it.

She could feel Draco's eyes burning onto her light hazel eyes, and she felt a sense of happiness flood over her. He liked her, and that small reason right now was why she had a lovesick grin plastered on her face.

She'd had a hard night then, she thought as she looked into the glittering moon. How Ron had accused her of flirting with the enemy, when she was going to build a bridge and actually ask him to dance.

After Ron and Harry had promptly left, she had sat down alone outside, tears forming in her eyes. If her best friends hated her about Viktor, how would they react about Draco? Would they break friends with her? Then she would be back to the know-it-all loner muggle born she came here as.

"Hey." She heard the velvety voice, that had made her heart flutter since he asked her to the train-wreck of a ball.