Epilogue: Witch's Lament

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Tiffany couldn't breathe.

She opened her eyes, but there was no light under the water to help her see. Her arms thrashed around to bring her back to the surface, but the current kept her from making any progress. She let out a cry; the bubbles were the only part of her that made it to the surface.

Annabeth ran for Abigail with a lamppost she carried easily. With one sleek swoop, she brought it down on her. It made an awful sound as it did and the witch looked down at the floor for a moment. It was enough time for Justin and Logan to run around her and make it to the bridge.

Abigail slowly flicked her eyes up toward the girl who dared approach her. Her face bulged with the presence of another witch inside of her, and at any moment it appeared as though her eyes would drip down her face. It was a truly hideous sight.

The witch cackled and thrashed her arm. An invisible wave of energy brought Annabeth to her knees, and before she could grab her with bulging hands, Christina telekinetically saved her from the witch's grasp.

Abigail laughed again. 'Oh, this is more fun than I've had in centuries.'

Christina raised an eyebrow. 'That's funny, I was going to say the exact same thing.' She brought her hand up and a ball of fire materialised in her hand. She threw it at Abigail, but she swirled out of the way. It grazed her black robe, setting the hood on fire. It didn't faze her.

'Thank you, sister witch, for the wardrobe improvement. There's nothing like a little fire to win a witch war, is there?'

Abigail moved too fast – she threw a ball of fire herself. It was almost too late for Christina to dodge it; she brought her hands up to cover her face, and the fire struck the bare skin of her arms.

Christina screamed as she fell to the floor. She tried to contain it for she saw how much pleasure her cries gave the evil witch. Her flesh sizzled, but at least there was no evil hag beneath her skin.

Eric knelt beside her. 'Are you okay?'

'Yeah,' Christina said with a brave face. She tried to move her arms but it was too painful. She didn't want to admit defeat, so she allowed Eric to help her up and challenged Abigail with a killer look.

On the bridge, Justin rummaged around for the locket. He hoped the Ripper dropped it when it took Tiffany over the side. Logan looked over the edge to see if she could spot her.

'I can't see anything,' he told Justin. 'The water is far too dark. And the current looks strong too, so she might be halfway down the river. She could even be in the ocean right now.'

'Don't say that,' Justin said, too scared to imagine what horror Tiffany would discover in the ocean. 'Unless she runs into Johnny Depp, I don't want to know.'

'I'll keep looking,' Logan replied.

Justin pushed through overturned bins and sifted through the contents as Tiffany was attempting to reach the surface. She kicked and kicked, but she felt herself going further down, not up.

She felt something brush her leg, and suddenly her fear of what could be lurking under the water returned to her. It was a fear she could never overcome, not since she was subjected to Jaws at too young an age.

What Tiffany almost forgot was that the Ripper fell in after her. Its talon grabbed her leg and it began to drag her further down. The Ripper looked as though it could breathe underwater, so while Tiffany was almost ready to lose consciousness, the Ripper appeared stronger than ever.

A blinding light pierced through the darkness. Tiffany closed her eyes to shield herself from the brightness, and opened them again when she could. She looked at the Ripper, and it dragged her down and into its arms.

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