From the Sky

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I woke to find a crystal blue sky staring me in the face, but then I realized it wasn't a sky but a set of eyes. They were surrounded by a million of star- like freckles, and topped off with dirty blond hair. With a start i realized I was staring a young man in the face. "Are you alright miss," he asked. I tried to tell him I was fine, but I couldn't find my voice. I nodded. At least I thought I was ok. When he tried to help me to my feet, I fainted.

When I woke I was in a bed fit only for a princess. The man was sitting in a chair beside my bed. Had he been watching me sleep? "You're awake," he exclaimed," I was terribly worried you weren't going to wake up. Ah, but were are my manners? You must be terribly confused. I am Prince Nathaniel." He stood and gave a little bow. "You are in the royal family's summer palace. What is your name?"

When I told him I didn't remember, he just stared at me like he didn't understand what I was saying. "Sorry," he said," I don't understand your language. Do you understand mine?" I nodded. I did understand, but I just couldn't understand why I could not speak his language. Every time I started to speak, the words always seemed to die on my lips.

Prince Nathaniel stood and left the room.

Soon after he left a maid came into the room. "Hullo," she said," my name is Rosemind. How are you feeling?" I didn't know what to do so I just nodded. "Oh, yes, you can't talk. Don't worry, honey. I will take good care of you." With that she started walking around the room and opening the curtains. Outside it was like hurricane central. Rain was pouring down in heavy sheets. "Ah, rain. It is such a blessing to see it again. We've been in a drought for over sixteen years, but thanks to you, it's over." I gave her a confused look. How could I stop a drought? All I remembered was waking up on a beach. The prince standing over me. "Why. Don't you know, honey? Prince Nathaniel was out walking the beach, or what was left of it, when it started to sprinkle. At that moment you washed up on shore. There is only one explanation for that. The gods sent you to us to break our drought!"

At that moment the prince walked in.

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