Corsets and Shoestrings

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All Rhea wants is to model on the London catwalk.  She's always longed to wear a fancy, lace- embroidered dress and corsets, and real boots.  However, she's only a common girl living in the rough 19th century London.  

She doesn't have any parents, like many other orphans scrounging to survive in the slums.  Her older sister is a drunkard who sleeps around for a quick bite of food or clean drink of water.  She never knew Rhea existed, but Rhea knows.  She follows Sarah around London, quietly.  One day, Sarah gets noticed by Henry Irving, the manager of the Lyceum Theatre.  He is enthralled by her personality and immediately casts her as the main role.

Rhea is hoping Sarah believes her when she tells her she's the long- lost sister, just like in novels.  Rhea needs family, and Sarah's her one link.  Maybe Sarah can even get her a job! Will Rhea ever get her corsets and shoestrings she deserves?

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